Johnny Depp is a joker at the Alice Through the Looking Glass press conference


Today the cast of Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, came to London to chat about the movie. We have (from L-R): director James Bobin, Sacha Baron Cohen, Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and producers Suzanne Todd and Tim Burton. Phew!

I can’t talk about the big nuggets of info but I can speak to their general antics and there is a lot to tell you on that subject. First of all, Helena Bonham Carter was supposed to be there but she wasn’t – we had no explanation for that – and the whole thing started half hour late. Possibly because of her, who knows, but she has recently split from Burton, so that could be a contributing factor.

I had heard that Johnny was pretty quiet and takes the back seat at these events but he was the leading man from the very beginning – making jokes and putting everyone at ease. The conference was set up like a Mad Hatter’s tea party, complete with actual cakes, and he decided to try balancing a cake stand on his head. While it did last a few seconds, inevitably it fell off and the cakes went tumbling onto the carpet.

He had a lot of chemistry with Sacha and they bantered a lot on stage and made many jokes. It was hard to negotiate what was serious or in jest at times. I just found it annoying that they continued whispering and sharing jokes to each other while others were talking on stage. That’s a tad unprofessional.

Johnny also has trouble forming logical sentences. He aimlessly speaks with no real purpose or end in sight and you just wish he would spit it out. After he had warmed up, he was better and actually gave some brilliant answers (which he even praised himself for) but you still had to concentrate through the mumbling and broken sentences.

Mia is the leading lady of the film but she doesn’t have that presence and I think she prefers that. She answers questions directed at her nicely but they don’t add anything particularly exciting. A lot of the time the director and producers will chip in after she answers just to add more to it.

I hope you found these nuggets of gossip insightful! Alice Through the Looking Glass comes out on 27th May.

Check my thumbnails below for all the conference pics!


  1. alenka85 says:

    Love Johnny Depp πŸ™‚



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