Special Correspondents: Film Review

Special Correspondents

Special Correspondents

I am not one of those people who loves everything Ricky Gervais does – in fact, I dislike most of it. The reviews for Special Correspondents hadn’t been great so my expectations were really freaking low – but this seemed to do the trick because I actually really enjoyed it.

Gervais, the writer/director, also plays Ian Finch, a sound technician at a New York radio station who is assigned to go to Ecuador to cover an uprising with hotshot reporter and ladies man Frank Bonneville (Eric Bana). However, when Finch accidentally throws their passports in a garbage truck and they have no hope of getting to Ecuador, the pair fake their reports from a room in New York and pretend to be kidnapped.

The plot is simple and not all of the jokes work, but when they did, they were genius. It didn’t get off to a promising start – the jokes were a bit pathetic and lame and barely brought a smile to my face, but as the film progressed I was laughing harder and harder. The finale is incredible and so damn funny.

Neither of the leads gave outstanding performances but I liked their chemistry and Bana was well cast. The star for me was actually Vera Fermiga as Finch’s downtrodden wife, who uses their ‘dire’ situation to rise to fame and propel her own agenda. She is so selfish, cold-hearted and callous while pretending to be upset for her husband that she’s very funny. I enjoyed her a lot – especially her wonderfully cringeworthy charity single. America Ferrera also co-stars as the co-owner of a restaurant where the guys hide out and Kelly Macdonald as their co-worker.

The script could have been way more polished and the whole thing wasn’t as funny as it could have been, but the plot turned out to be far more exciting than I imagined and I had a lot of fun.

Available on Netflix from Friday 29th April 


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