Anthony Mackie & Paul Bettany own the Captain America: Civil War press conference


Today I attended the London press conference for Captain America: Civil War featuring such a large panel that they couldn’t use the usual table and microphone set up and have to stagger them over two levels with lounge chairs! We have (deep breath), from left to right, above: Producer Kevin Feige, Elizabeth Olsen, Daniel Bruhl, Sebastian Stan (hidden), Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey, Jr., Anthony Russo, Paul Bettany, Joe Russo and Emily VanCamp.

This was a big-ass cast and that can sometimes make press conferences harder because the actors expect somebody else to talk. This was definitely the case for most of the cast. Because of the size, journalists had to ask a specific actor a question rather than open it up to everyone, so the cast were fine when asked a question, but most were reticent to chip in except for Evans, Downey, Bettany and Mackie.

I can’t write up proper quotes because I attended for another publication so I will instead comment on them as people. I must say that Evans has massively grown in confidence since I saw him last at the Avengers: Age of Ultron press conference. He takes on questions, chips in jokes, gives decent answers and comes across like a genuinely decent guy. He also seemed more relaxed in that environment than before.


Downey is totally chill but massively arrogant (sadly). At first I found him funny. He says everything in a jokey way and it’s hard to tell if he’s ever giving a serious answer. There are times when he says cheeky things like ‘Is there any intermission?’ That was funny but then he continued saying stuff like ‘cos we’ve answered a lot’ when it had been half an hour, and he even stopped listening to one guy’s question, so it was good Evans was on it. RDJ then said he had ‘a hard time grasping that concept’ (in a way that was criticising the dude’s question) and I began to think he was being plain rude. There is a fine line between being over confident and egotistical and a douchebag and he was quickly approaching douchebag territory. That is why I was not surprised by his awkward interview last time he was here.

So that’s why I loved Mackie and Bettany. There were just funny and they were the ones who really lightened the atmosphere of the room in a hilarious-yet-positive way. Bettany wasn’t asked many questions but he was full of the quips in his traditional British deadpan, while Mackie knows how to sell an anecdote. When asked what he brings to the Civil War he says “thighs and quads… just giving them what they want”. He made me laugh out loud so much.

Everybody else was simply fine – Feige is one cool dude and I appreciate the Russo directors for what they have done for the MCU – genuises! Olsen, Stan and Bruhl had clearly hoped to get away without speaking because they were shocked when asked a question. Van Camp was great but I loved her from Revenge and I think Renner wasn’t really paying attention. He seemed a bit vacant, but that was funny in itself.

Check out my gallery below – click thumbnails to enlarge. You can also check out my review here – the movie is out in the UK on Friday.



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