Midnight Special: Film Review


I do love me a sci-fi and even more so if it stars my faves Adam Driver, Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton. What a combo! I also adored Jaeden Lieberher in St. Vincent so I was interested to see what he would do next and he did not disappoint as this kid with special powers.

Shannon plays Roy, the father of the gifted Alton (Lieberher), who he steals away from a religious cult with the help of his pal Lucas (Edgerton) and ex-wife Sarah (Kirsten Dunst). They need to get Alton to a particular location by a certain time, but they are being chased by members of the cult and the FBI/NSA, especially Paul (Driver).

It would be unfair to say any more. The greatest accomplishment about Midnight Special is that you have no idea what the kid is, what he can do, how he got these powers and what they all mean. You don’t know exactly why they need to be at this place and what is going to happen when they get there. It is exciting not knowing everything about a movie, and you will leave this will some questions still unanswered.


It starts off a little slow and I was worried it would be an indie sci-fi where there is a cool idea but nothing really comes of it. That is not the case here – the story is great and builds up to this wonderful payoff. It is not a blockbuster sci-fi, the budget just isn’t there, and it is evident in a few CGI moments, but there is a lot of practical action – car chases, gun fights and explosions. I want to talk about the ending but that is unfair – it really got me and made me emotional. I was worried it was going into weird territory but it doesn’t go too far and the emotional connection really helps to keep it ‘believable’.

This is the best role I have seen Dunst in for a long time, she was the emotional heart of the movie. The other main star for me was Driver, who was the nerdy analyst who discovers the important facts and has a funny awkward quality. Edgerton and Shannon were just a bit thuggish so didn’t bring too much to the table except brawn. Lieberher is adorable and once again proves his acting abilities – certainly one to watch.

Midnight Special is a brilliant sci-fi because it has enough science fiction elements to keep genre fans happy while it tells a wonderful story about family and what parents will do for their child. I recommend this 100% – I already want to see it again.

In cinemas Friday 8th April 

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