The Walking Dead finale: My predictions


I watched The Walking Dead finale last night (with U.K. TV) and spent the whole evening reeling and reading fan theories about what it all means and I’ve finally come to my own conclusions about who has been killed off or who should be. Caution: spoilers up ahead (obviously).

In case you have been living under a rock, the 90 minute finale didn’t really go anywhere until the last five-ten minutes when the Saviors really showed off their strength and size and cornered our beloved pals. They were all lined up on their knees while the new baddie Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) picked someone to bludgeon to death with his barb-wire baseball bat Lucille. Yet we don’t know who it was because it was shown from the character’s POV, which is a cruel and cheap trick if you ask me – which the showrunners KEEP doing to us.

Anyway, there were eleven people in the firing line and showrunner Scott Gimple said it would be somebody “beloved” so that definitely rules out Aaron because we don’t know him well enough for that to have any impact. Also, right before the bloodbath Negan says, “If anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father,” so that sorta rules out Carl and Rick – but let’s be honest, Rick isn’t going to be killed off, right?

So here is who is left, the reasons why they might die and if I want them to….

Glenn He was my favourite from the beginning and I still have a soft spot for him although his character isn’t quite as exciting anymore. We already thought he was dead this season with the meanest fake out death ever, so I doubt they would kill him off again, just yet anyway.

Maggie Again, Maggie was my favourite female character for a long time before she was overtaken by Michonne. She hasn’t had much to do of late but it seems like she will have a big part to play in the Hilltop community and if the showrunners stick with the comics she will be saved. I want to see her kicking ass again. Also I don’t think the show is cruel enough to kill off a pregnant woman.

Michonne I really hope it’s not Michonne. She was such a slow burning character but she is a solid member of the crew and now a love interest for Rick – that certainly puts her at risk, although I wish it didn’t.

Daryl I fear it could be him. I have never loved him as much as everyone else, but he is a fan favourite so I would be incredibly surprised if he was killed. Plus we previously thought he had died last episode with ANOTHER fake out blood spattering, that turned out to be a gunshot to the shoulder.

Abraham I have never really liked Abraham so much until the past episodes, especially when he said “You know how to bite a dick Eugene and I mean that with the utmost respect” in complete seriousness. That is my favourite line from the show, for sure. I dislike his new romance with Sasha and I would not be devastated if he went.

Rosita I want to get to know her more. I think Rosita has a lot more to give and it needs exploring. I hate that she is just the action chick with no real arc. For that reason I don’t think it’s her because we don’t care enough for her yet.

Sasha Sasha royally pisses me off. If I had to pick one person, ignoring Aaron, to be killed, it would be her. And I don’t think anyone would be too upset about that. She really doesn’t do much besides moan. She is miserable and, given the general mood of the group, for me to say that about her says a lot. Kill her off or give her something to do!

Eugene He annoys the hell out of me but I’m liking this new direction and his new-found contribution to the group. I really thought he would sacrifice himself in that RV and lead the Saviors away, but no, once again he has got himself and others into shit. I want Eugene to be out of this rut. I also must mention I love his accent and his vocabulary. I think his death would be more affecting later down the line – we are just on the verge of caring.

In summary, I really fear it could be Daryl or Michonne (my top predictions), Abraham, Eugene, Sasha or Rosita. My personal preference would be Sasha, Abraham or Aaron, but because the audience aren’t as invested in them I have a feeling it won’t be. Just please not Maggie or Glenn!

Check out what Andrew Lincoln had to say about the finale here.

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