Jessica Lowndes & Jon Lovitz: Hilarious prank or cruel joke?


Now I am all down for a joke and an engagement rumour – I usually find them hilarious and love that the media believed something simply because it came from a celebrity in an interview or on social media. But for some reason, this time, I did not find Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz rumoured romance funny. AT ALL. I just found it gross.

As you may have heard over the weekend, former 90210 star Jessica, 27, and Jon (you know, the Stoned Guy from Friends), 31 years her senior, pretended they were dating by posting a series of pictures on their respective social pages and Jessica went one step further by posting a picture of her wearing an engagement ring.

Cut to Monday, one day later, after they had caused a media storm, they revealed it was all just an early April Fool’s joke to promote her new music video to Deja Vu (remix), where he plays a dying man in hospital who imagines his nurse in various sexy scenarios.

Big celebs can get away with this kinda shit and it’s funny. When it’s two minor celebs obviously drumming up publicity, it just stinks. Obviously the tactic worked – more people have watched her music video (below) than if she had simply released it. Jessica’s music career didn’t exactly take off after 90210 ended so this was a perfect way to get our interest. I’m not fussed about the song, but I must admit the video is actually pretty good, humour wise.

I also didn’t enjoy it because of the age gap and how out of the blue it was. When Nicki Minaj sparks rumours she is engaged (yet again), it is kinda expected because she does this stuff – but you don’t expect this from minor celebs. I was also totally grossed out because I did believe it to be true (although I was so baffled). I was seriously like ‘ewwww’ imagining them making out and the picture of his ageing hand on her legs really gave me the creeps. So that’s why I didn’t find it funny.

I don’t mind being fooled if there is a greater purpose or if it is a smart trick but this is just too attention-seeking and bad taste for my liking!

What did you make of their prank? Did you find it funny or not? Did it fool you in the first place?

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