Eddie the Eagle: Film Review


Well everybody here should know I love Taron Egerton by now, so naturally I was keen to see this and support my fave (even if he looks weird) but luckily Eddie the Eagle is actually a brilliant film which I wholeheartedly enjoyed. It is positive, fun and sends a good message – which might drive the more cynical viewers absolutely nuts.

I have heard of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards but I never knew much about his story, and it is surprising a film has not been made about his Olympic efforts before now. Egerton is the man, who grows up in Cheltenham ignoring his dad’s calls to be a plasterer because he has aspirations to be an Olympian despite his disability (he has braces on his legs).

He becomes a decent skier but the British Olympic Association doesn’t want him on their team and he is on his last ebb before giving up, when he has a brainwave. Why not become a ski jumper?! The UK had nobody representing them in the sport so Edwards heads to Germany to train. He bumps into former professional turned alcoholic Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) and he eventually becomes a sort-of coach who helps Edwards become the first person to ever represent Great Britain in ski jumping at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.


Edwards was treated as a bit of a joke at the time, even though he took the sport incredibly seriously. So it is nice that the film sees him as a figure of hope and determination than ridicule. It is still a comedy, but not totally at Edwards’ expense. After all, he is the perfect example is having a go and is the embodiment of the saying “it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts”. It is positive and upbeat and shows that you can achieve your dreams if you try hard enough and don’t give up. Cynics will probably roll their eyes at this theme but I think it’s good to still make films like this. Not everything has to be dark, dramatic and depressing. Why can’t we enjoy something unabashedly happy and fun?

Now Egerton is a major hottie and I would have never expected him to play Eddie but he is actually pretty convincing underneath a layer of flab, massive glasses and some dodgy facial hair. Not to mention that awful jaw/underbite thing going on. But appearances aside, he proves he is just as capable doing comedy as action/drama. He is bloody funny, charismatic and doesn’t care how he looks onscreen as long as it gets a laugh. He has great chemistry with Jackman too – who is channelling Wolverine levels of simmering anger and aggression.

This is a lot of fun and I was constantly smiling and laughing. This is a great family film that follows in the same vein as Cool Runnings (which takes place at the same Olympics) and critics bashing it’s happy vibe need to be quiet and let themselves have a good time.

In cinemas Monday 28th March 


Pictures & gossip from the premiere

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