Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Film Review


I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. I have not once been excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cos I thought the central premise could not work, and none of the trailers did anything to change that. I didn’t support Ben Affleck as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor nor do I enjoy Superman as a character, so this movie had an uphill battle to please me from the start, and as I predicted, it simply didn’t work.

Henry Cavill returns as Superman, who has recently been painted in a bad light due an incident where people are killed, a set-up created by Lex Luthor (Eisenberg). Is Superman a God or an alien threat to mankind? Batman (Affleck) becomes convinced he needs to be prepared in case Superman turns evil so he gets hold of some kryptonite and travels to Metropolis to launch a pre-emptive strike against him (thanks to some plotting from Lex). But they have bigger problems.

The plot doesn’t make any sense but I knew it never would. What could possibly make two superheroes become enemies? The film tries to create reasons for their face-off but none of them feel substantial or credible. Surely they know they are better off as a team? The story is incredibly incoherent – and that’s because the writers know if we look too hard at the plot nothing holds up. The title battle feels completely contrived because their motivations are not believable and you never feel like they actually want to kill each other. So what’s the point? I’m trying to be spoiler free so let’s just say the battle itself is short and underwhelming considering it’s the main premise of the movie.


It’s odd – I’m a lover of superhero films and I get crazy excited about these movies but for this I haven’t been and I never felt it while watching it. I didn’t feel anything – not excitement, fear, sadness, anything! It just doesn’t connect on an emotional level. But my biggest annoyance of all is the amount of CGI. I know all superhero movies employ it but I have never been so aware of it. The end battle was completely CG and the main monster looked terrible. An overreliance on effects really pisses me off and I couldn’t see past it to enjoy the scene.

It’s not a total write-off. I enjoyed the cast a lot – Affleck and Eisenberg were huge surprises because I was so sceptical. Affleck is brilliant as this ageing, dishevelled, world-weary Bruce Wayne but was not as convincing as Batman – plus I did not like his Batsuit. Eisenberg is completely different from previous Lex Luthors but I enjoyed his presence more than anybody else in the movie. His voice is interesting, his mannerisms are wacky and he provides some much needed levity to proceedings (although he spouts a lot of crap). Gal Gadot aces it as Wonder Woman. She was fantastic in such a small role – she is sexy, mysterious and kick-ass, which is exactly what was needed. I cannot wait for her stand alone movie. Cavill does well within the restraints of Superman, but the fact remains the character is bloody boring, and Amy Adams really doesn’t contribute much as Lois Lane.


So yes, this is a disappointing and underwhelming film, but I am not as annoyed as everyone else because I simply didn’t care about it from the start. Go in with your expectations low and you should be fine. The cast do well but there are far too many story problems for this to be rated among the recent superhero greats like Iron Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In cinemas tomorrow


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