Disorder: Film Review


I have a big ol’ crush on Matthias Schoenaerts so checking out his latest movie Disorder was a no-brainer. I knew nothing about it except it co-starred Diane Kruger, but I had faith in their collective acting skills and they did not disappoint.

Schoenaerts plays ex-soldier Vincent, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. His friend Denis (Paul Hamy) scored him a job as security detail at the flashy French home of wealthy businessman Imad for a party. He is then asked to stay on and look after the man’s wife Jessie (Kruger) and son Ali (Zaid Errougui-Demonsant) for a few days but it is not the easy babysitting job Vincent is expecting – Imad is involved in dodgy business and there are men on their tail.


This starts off quite slow and I did wonder when the pace was going to pick up but I actually liked it that way as the paranoia and tense feeling builds quietly inside you until the climax when you’re recoiling behind your hands. It is not a complete thriller – there are a lot of dramatic moments with Vincent’s post-war mental problems, the revelation of the nature of Imad’s business and sexual tension between Jessie and Vincent. But we are just being lulled into a false sense of security before the shocks and thrills really kick off. And they certainly do!

Schoenaerts has always been pretty dependable when it comes to playing the brooding, smouldering hot man, but this is the first time I’ve seen proper action from him and I enjoyed it a lot! He does everything he can to protect the family and physically, the Belgian looks like he could actually do those things. The acting from neither party is particularly noteable but I really enjoyed the film itself – the pacing makes sense, the script is smart and it is not your typical home invasion movie. I would really recommend this – some types may groan at the subtitles, but you honestly forget about them after a while. Give it a go!

In cinemas Friday 


  1. CineMuse says:

    Great review thanks; I’ll put this on my list. I just reviewed A Bigger Splash and Schoenaerts was excellent in a complex role.


    • Hannah Wales says:

      That’s great news thanks! It’s definitely one of his better parts. He is so good in A Bigger Splash – everyone was! I think he’s brilliant every time.

      Liked by 1 person

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