Eddie the Eagle premiere: Pics & gossip

Taron & Hugh

Taron & Hugh

Tonight was the London premiere of Eddie the Eagle starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman (above). I was excited for this one because I have a massive crush on Taron (if you weren’t already aware) and I had never seen Hugh in the flesh before. Sadly I didn’t get press access but being in the fan pen actually worked quite nicely. So here’s the lowdown from the fan side of things (for the first time in ages!)

Taron arrived bang on time, looked fantastic and seemed in high spirits. He waved to people and I even saw him bopping along to the music a couple of times. He gave Hugh and the real Eddie Edwards a massive hug. He brought along a ton of home friends and family – his mum and sister were pointed out to me – and he even brought the whole crowd over for his televised interview – where he kissed his mum on the cheek on live TV! Clearly a total mummy’s boy. Towards the end it was obvious he was torn between doing premiere commitments and hanging with his friends but did the last of us fans. I was amazed but I managed to get his autograph just before he went in!

Taron's autograph!

Taron’s autograph!

Hugh was equally attentive with the fans but seemed more focussed on taking selfies than signing, so he missed my book. I could have got selfies with both but I always look awful in them and I’m crap at taking them so I don’t bother. Hugh was funny, talked to us more though and was skinnier than I expected. You can tell he gets on with Taron really well – their chemistry is great. Near the cinema, where I was positioned, they used a foam machine to make it look like it was snowing and Taron gave up with the fans and ducked into the cinema pretty soon after that whereas Hugh commended us all for standing in it (it wasn’t our choice – we didn’t know one was being used!) I don’t have many up-close pictures of either of them because they came to our section at the same time and it went absolutely bananas!

Take That singer Gary Barlow also got one of the biggest cheers of the nights. Some of the smaller stars from the movie turned up plus director Dexter Fletcher, producer Matthew Vaughn and his wife Claudia Schiffer and some singers like Midge Ure and Holly Johnson.

Check out my gallery below!


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