Pretty Little Liars finale: What the hell?!


Every finale Pretty Little Liars manages to blind side me and I hate how crazy it makes me! Then we have to wait for months for answers! The entire episode was going along nicely before a big wham bam finale in the last two minutes and that leaves us all like whaaaaaat?! I’m not going to lie I have re-watched those two minutes a few times to wrap my head around these new facts.

The twin theory is a major plotline in the books but I figured I. Marlene King wasn’t heading in that direction until the twin hashtag started being used in the past few weeks. I still didn’t expect it to be the twin of Jessica DiLaurentis, who was bashed over the head and buried a few seasons back. Apparently there have been clues throughout this season but I did not see them whatsoever, so I am a bit annoyed about this random introduction of this character Mary Drake – Jessica’s twin – has she been in Rosewood all this time? Why is so popping up now? What does she want?

Also the Carrissimi group has not been mentioned much at all – I couldn’t really remember what it is (until I had a Google) so the fact it now has some major plot importance is annoying when it hasn’t been touched on properly AT ALL this season. How do you expect us to remember everything?!


I had my suspicions about Elliot Rollins last week. He didn’t seem genuine – far too nice and caring in this PLL world. He and Alison rushed into that marriage. I was not convinced his intentions were true and I have been proved correct. I am mostly bothered by his British accent – what does this mean? Why do evil people have British accents?! Was it really necessary for him to pretend to be dead Wilden?!

So Mary, Charles/Charlotte/CeCe’s mother, and Elliot (Charlotte’s boyfriend) have teamed up to make Alison think she’s going crazy, so she admits herself to hospital, signs some papers, so Elliot now has controlling shares in the Carrissimi Group. WTF! I hear you cry. So ludicrous.

These things still haven’t been answered:

  1. Who killed Charlotte?
  2. Where has Mary Drake been this entire time?
  3. Did she kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?
  4. Are they uber-A? Or are they working their own agenda?
  5. Who is A.D.? Alison DiLaurentis is faaaaar too obvious.
  6. Is Hanna dead?
  7. What is Aria going to do about the Liam/Ezra triangle?
  8. Who is Caleb going to choose between Hanna and Spencer?
  9. Are the other boyfriends/girlfriends going to get back together too?
  10. Is Mona actually a good person?
  11. Are Wren and Melissa involved somehow?

I am not completely happy with this plot twist. Some previous cliffhangers felt in the realm of plausibility but this has a distinct whiff of soap opera. It’s too ridiculous. I think the reveal is just distracting us from the proper A game. And let’s be honest, Rollins being a douche isn’t as affecting as the Toby and Ezra reveals – those was major and shock-inducing. This one is just bewildering. We don’t care about Elliot enough and I’m starting to get bored trying to follow the DiLaurentis family tree.

I hope this is leading up to an amazing, 100% plausible final season filled with answers that make sense.

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