What happened to the Allegiant promo?!


The third Divergent film Allegiant came out today in the U.K. You would be forgiven for not knowing that because there has been no promo over here which is odd because Shailene Woodley and Theo James were everywhere for the previous two films. So why have they cut all the promo?

From four to six weeks before all four of The Hunger Games films were released, we knew about it. Jennifer Lawrence and co. were everywhere – you could not go on the Internet or read a magazine without seeing something to do with the Hunger Games. The Divergent series has always been trying to fit that mould and although it didn’t reach quite that level of intensity, there was still a massive global push, at least for the first two films. Now it seems like the cast have just done junkets and interviews in the U.S.

For Divergent and Insurgent we had London premieres and I attended two Apple store Q&As with the cast. They were on U.K. TV shows, in magazines etc etc. This time there is literally nothing. Sure, we have bus posters and trailers in cinemas but no presence of the cast themselves. So unless you care about the film you would have no idea about its release.

But why? Have eOne given up? They have realised it is never going to achieve Hunger Games levels so they just didn’t bother? The box office takings are dwindling, the reviews for this haven’t been great so perhaps they are just trying to save money by not taking the cast on a massive press tour. Although in doing so, they will significantly reduce their takings even more.

I just find it odd. I was hoping for another Apple Store Q&A because they were good fun (you can see recaps here and here). I liked the books a lot, I like the film series enough but I feel it has already run out of gas and there is still the fourth instalment to go. I wonder if they’ll do any press for that!


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