Lip Sync Battle: Behind the scenes

Back in December I went to the taping of Lip Sync Battle UK hosted by Professor Green and Mel B and starring model Daisy Lowe and comedian Matt Richardson. I was going to hold my write-up of the experience until after I had seen the episode but I don’t know if it’s even going to air. We were told all the episodes would be broadcast in January, but the first series has finished after only six episodes (and lame ratings) – and the one I went to is missing. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the far-superior U.S. show anyway, so here’s the behind-the-scenes gossip.

First of all, I really enjoy the US version of Lip Sync Battle, it is good fun and A-list celebrities get involved, so I had high hopes when I applied for tickets to the taping of the UK version. I didn’t know what to expect, but I must admit I was disappointed by the calibre of celebs who signed up over here. I was hoping for an actor or a singer but I got a model and a TV presenter.

At least the hosts made up for it – seeing Mel B was great because I have always loved the Spice Girls and Professor Green was good at making people laugh in an awkward way. I actually saw him walking past our queue on the way in and he looked straight at me and said, ‘Hey, you alright?’ I didn’t do anything to attract his attention so this was a special celeb moment for me! Once he passed, I said to my friend, ‘OMG he looked straight at me!’


I don’t know if the stage is the exact same dimensions as the US one but it looked much smaller than it does on TV. We were asked if we were up for dancing so we were put in the ‘pit’ right in front of the stage – prime areas for getting on TV (which wasn’t good as I had a big spot on my face!) We had to wait for a long time before anything started happening and then we had a hype man to get us all in the mood to dance, sing a long and party.

Here’s what happened during the actual taping:

  • Daisy Lowe did not get a decent crowd reaction for either of her performances to Fever and The Real Slim Shady. In the US, sexy performances work well and appear to get a great response from the crowd, but in the UK, I don’t think we like sexy/posy performances too much. I was looking around the crowd during her taping and nobody was getting into it – which is the opposite of what you are supposed to do
  • I told my friend after Daisy’s first lip sync that I was amazed they didn’t get her to do it again due to the subdued reaction, and five minutes later they did. They still didn’t get what they wanted so they got someone from the audience to perform to Daisy’s track (The Real Slim Shady). They didn’t reveal the real reason why they did this, but it was pretty obvious to me – to use audience reaction in the edit.
  • They get random people from the audience to perform throughout the night while they are preparing for other set ups. Audience reactions are taped during this time and can be cut into the actual celeb sections to appear like we loved it
  • Matt really smelt after he cleaned the chocolate custard off of him – he poured it over himself during his performance
  • Matt exposed his balls to members of the audience when Daisy wrestled him to the floor. I guess that bit will be cut out
  • Mel B fudged her lines quite a few times

That is it! Hopefully it will eventually be broadcast so I can see how it was cut together and if I end up on TV! I just wish I knew what was happening with the episode.


  1. I was at the filming of this as well. My friend was in her wheelchair so we were sat watching from the raised platform at the back of the ‘pit’.

    I have to say I agree that the status of the ‘celebrities’ was not what I had hoped (I had never heard of either of them before). When I saw some of the other line ups as the episodes aired I felt a bit gutted that we had not been at one of those recordings. That being said Matt proved very entertaining in both performances.

    I sat waiting for the week that the episode would be aired (I assumed close to the end) and am quite disappointed that it appears to have been cut altogether. I too would be very curious to see how they edited the episode together, especially Matt’s second song, given that the audience member pulled on to stage had her mobile in her hand for the entire routine!

    Here’s hoping they use the episode in a future series so we can finally see how it all came together!


    • Hannah Wales says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a large comment. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking this! The line-up we had was so disappointing compared to other episodes and especially the US. They get A-list actors and we get a comedian nobody knows?! But he was entertaining though so I thought it would make the cut. Hopefully we’ll see a finished edit in the future but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t – that girl in Matt’s performance as you mentioned, maybe it was too rude, and Daisy’s routines were a bit boring!


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