Why I have given up on Vinyl


I give every show at least three episodes before I decide whether to continue with it or let it go. I think that’s a good amount of time to see what the series will actually be like – but with Vinyl I couldn’t even make it halfway through episode three before I just decided to call it quits. I just did not want to watch anymore.

I hardly ever have such a clear dislike for shows and I normally plod on through and end up still hanging in there 10 seasons later. But I don’t have time to do that these days. I told myself I would not waste time on stuff I don’t care about or am not invested in – so Vinyl had to go.

It had a lot of hype – it is a project involving Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese after all – and it has a brilliant cast including Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple (who I love) but even from the pilot I was underwhelmed. I was bored and I looked at my phone a ton, which I don’t do when something is interesting.


I was hoping it would be more about the music industry and how records get made, bands get discovered blah blah but the focus is all on Richie Finestra (Cannavale) and his drug-taking, debts and oh yeah, murder. He is just too fucked up to be likeable. Sure, I like complex characters and you don’t have to like a character to watch a show but I literally don’t care about what happens to him or his record label. They’ve all been frittering their money down the drain, so they deserve to have their label up the creek without a paddle. I thought I might like Wilde but she is just moody and the downtrodden wife and I liked Temple’s receptionist who is using initiative to get ahead but she is now super annoying. I can’t even tell the other label guys apart.

I like gangster movies and music industry movies but this hasn’t really succeeded at either. Nicholas Hoult’s film Kill Your Friends which similar, but in the British 90s, and I liked it but I wouldn’t want to sit through hours on end with it. It is far too serious, dark and boring to make me want to switch on. I need a reason to watch it and this gave me none.

What do you think of Vinyl?

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