I’m loving the Ghostbusters trailer


I think it’s safe to say that the reaction when the female reboot of Ghostbusters was announced was mixed at best. It certainly divided people but I was on the fence and wanted to wait for something so I could make an informed opinion. And now I have it in the form of the first trailer and I am very happy.

I love the original Ghostbusters (only seen the sequel once though) so I get that people are precious about it, but this reboot seems really fun and cool. Not to mention it stars bloody Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy who are comedy gold! I’m not well versed on Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon‘s stuff but McKinnon’s character looks like my favourite. She has this chilled ‘I don’t give a shit’ type vibe that I like (check the pic below).

Also there are nods to the old but it’s not a complete redo. The trailer even acknowledges the previous films with a “30 years ago” time stamp. The characters are different and not complete replicas of Bill Murray and his buddies, and the ghost situation is on a more widespread scale. You may have noticed the appearance of Slimer, ectoplasm and of course, their awesome car.


The laughs in this trailer were not super high but I am confident with these actors. They know how to make us laugh. And also there is nothing more annoying than having all the jokes ruined in the trailer – it bums me out when I see the whole thing. It is more the action that has me hooked. Their epic battle in Times Square looks awesome and I cannot wait to see these guys kick butt.

I have yet to mention another top reason for wanting to see this movie – Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist. That was honestly my favourite casting news about this film. I want to see him do more comedy!

I am ready for it. But sadly we still have to wait until July. I hope any other trailers between now and then will not give too much away.

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