BRIT Awards 2016: Live Blog

rihanna crop

Tonight is the BRITs! I don’t know why I sound so excited. I usually find the ceremony extremely dull. BUT there is a brilliant turn out this year from international stars and performances from Rihanna, Adele and Justin Bieber are coming up, so I’m hoping some juicy gossip/drama happens! Keep us all entertained. I doubt we will have anything major like Madonna‘s infamous stage fall last year, but one can only hope.

Anyway, if it happens I’ll be writing about it on this live blog, plus the winners and general opinions on the proceedings. Updates will go at the top.


10.23: Pointers – Adele owned the night with four wins and a killer closing performance. Rihanna twerked up on Drake but that couldn’t save a lacklustre performance. Brits smashed international stars in the vocal stakes – Jess Glynne and Little Mix nailed it. Highlight of the night – the David Bowie tributes by Annie Lennox, Gary Oldman and Lorde


10.23 No vocal hiccups to report

10.19: Not liking this dress at all. Reminds me of something a wrestler/circus performer would wear

10.18: Adele closing the show with When We Were Young

10.12: I have not heard any of Jack Garrett’s music. Oops.

10:10 Gives a special shoutout to her boyfriend and their son. Ends speech on: “I didn’t get cut off and I didn’t swear!” Love her speech style so much.

10:09 Adele apologises for the “ugly cry face” and swearing in her previous speech


10:07: WINNER: British Album – Adele, 25 

10:04: I like The Hills but I wish The Weeknd was doing Can’t Feel My Face

10:03: Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne give a pretty boring speech. I wanted a reference to his new baby! They didn’t even mention Harry and Niall by name.

9.59: WINNER – British Artist Video of the Year – One Direction

9.56: Where has Lorde gone? More songs please!

9.54: Impressive vocals from Lorde. She also gets a standing ovation.

9.51: I like this better than Gaga’s Grammys tribute.

9.47: Lorde is performing a tribute. That’s a surprise! Doing Life on Mars.

9.46: Oldman says, “David faced his illness with dignity… and humour”, when he told Gary he was ill he said “The good news is, I’ve got my cheekbones back”. Gary ends, “We love you and we thank you”. Gets standing ovation.

9.44: God, his speech is emotional. Pass the tissues.

9.42: Gary Oldman comes to the stage to collect Bowie’s posthumous Icon Award


9.39: Annie Lennox honouring David Bowie. Moving speech.

9.38: WHAT THE HELL?! Also – what is on her face?

9.37: WINNER: International Female Solo Artist – Bjork

9.29: Loving their choreography, their singing, the song – everything! New favourite performance of the night. Showing everyone how it’s done.

9.25: Little Mix nailing their performance. Loving it.

9.24: Adele is bawling her eyes out! She swore too – the audio was cut out!

9.23: WINNER: Global Success – Adele

9.22: Astronaut Tim Peake announces award from space!

9.20: WTF?! Who are these people?! Years and Years or Jess Glynne were more deserving!

9.19: WINNER: British Breakthrough Act – Catfish and the Bottlemen 

9.16: Drake in the house! Rihanna twerking at his crotch – bet he’s loving life.

9.14: Very interesting tassled trousers, Ri.

9.13: We can’t see Rihanna with these visual effects!

9.13: Simon Cowell caught on camera with beer bottle and fag packet in his hand! LOL!

9.07: Coldplay are playing a birthday party afterwards

9.06 Moses Martin in the house! Chris says he is Coldplay’s manager

9.05: Father John Misty has the worst loser face

9.03: WINNER: International Male Solo Artist – Justin Bieber

8.58: James Bay is so dull.

8.57 Everyone is having issues finding the camera

8.55: WINNER: British Group – Coldplay

8.47 Adele gives the BEST speeches – “It getting out of control already” “thought you were going to set us on fire Justin”

mix crop

8.47: I’m so annoyed by this win! I wanted Little Mix or Years and Years

8.46: WINNER: British Single – Adele for Hello

8.43: Favourite performance so far. Love her songs, her singing is on point and she looks incredible. Bopping along on the sofa.

8.41: Is Jess Glynne’s hair real?! So big.

8.39: Who is this scantily clad woman?

8.37: WINNER: International Group – Tame Impala

8.36: Hello Henry Cavill. Though Jourdan Dunn looks stunning as well.

8.31: Love Alan Carr! He weed in a bottle while stuck in traffic! And he told everyone live on air!

8.29: James Bay doesn’t know where the camera is.

8.28: WINNER: British Male Solo Artist – James Bay

8.23 Bieber’s shirt tail is going to catch on fire! Love Sorry, but vocals not so strong. Love the jacket though.

8.21: James Bay on guitar for Biebs acoustic Love Yourself. Bieber sounds amazing – Chris Martin take note.

8.20: What awards show hasn’t Justin Bieber performed at within the last year?

8.14: Adele pledges her support for Kesha during her acceptance speech! Bless her!

adele crop

8.13: WINNER: British Female Solo Artist – Adele

8.12: Louis Tomlinson’s quiff is higher the usual. Impressed.

8.10: I love Ant and Dec.

8.06: Chris Martin cannot sing Hymn for the Weekend live. His vocals are terrible. I’m cringing.

8.04: No-one. Just opening dancers. Sad.

8.03: These red outfits are incredibly weird – who is even performing?

8.00: WE ARE ON!

7.57: The ceremony is about to start on TV. Can we expect another stage fall? Will Rihanna dirty dance with Drake? Will there be any surprise guests? Will Adele’s vocal performance be better than the Grammys? We’ll find out soon!

7-8pm: Red carpet arrivals begin. Rihanna is looking fabulous but rather demure, Jess Glynne is rocking a brilliant green outfit and Adele is showing off ample bosom. Kylie Minogue brought her new fiance Joshua.

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