Natalie Dormer at The Forest Screening

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Natalie Dormer introducing #TheForest

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A few days ago I was at the Soho Hotel for a preview screening for The Forest when Natalie Dormer surprisingly showed up! I had no idea she was going to come as I’ve never seen a celeb film introduction at hotel screenings before but she was lovely and told us lots of exciting stuff about the upcoming horror.

Here are all the interesting tit-bits from her mini Q&A before the screening –

  • The film is set in the Aokigahara Forest, a popular suicide hotspot in Japan, but they were not allowed to shoot there due to Government rules. So the film was shot in a forest in Serbia
  • She was drawn to the role because it was about familial love between sister and sister (she plays them both) rather than a romance
  • She relished filming in jeans and trainers after her usual sophisticated or period outfits
  • She brought her fiance Anthony along and almost called him “my better half” before switching to “my other half”
  • They are going to shoot a film this year called In Darkness which they co-wrote together

I have seen Natalie a few times now due to The Hunger Games and her unexpected guest appearance at the Zoolander 2 premiere, but it was great to sit and watch her speak about her upcoming movie, which is basically about an American who goes searching for her twin sister in the famous Japanese forest after she is reporting missing. I’m not allowed to stick my review up yet, but make sure to check it out when I do!

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