How to be Single: Film Review


The romcom genre has been saved! Okay, so I probably won’t go QUITE that far but How to Be Single really feels like the best romantic comedy I have seen in a long time as it manages to avoid some of the formulaic and predictable plot points we have come to expect.

Dakota Johnson is Alice, who goes on a break from her longtime college boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) and moves to New York City to work in a law firm and “discover herself”. She meets the single partygirl Robin (Rebel Wilson) who teaches her the tricks of being single in a big city. Then we have Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie Mann) who has a hard time adapting her career goals to settle down with a boyfriend and baby, and Lucy (Alison Brie), who is a serial online dater.

These are all very stereotypical characters that we have seen before – the promiscuous party girl, the fiercely independent one who won’t let anybody in, and the one desperate to find Mr. Right – yet for some reason it feels new. By using these all in one ensemble piece is a genius idea because between them they cover a wide spectrum of women and the female audience will be able to identify with aspects of at least one or two, which is where the main comedy is.


This is hilarious. I enjoyed not only the obvious gags provided by Wilson (who gets all the filth and TMI jokes) but all the observational comedy and pop culture references. I felt like these could be my friends right now. Some lines were so relatable I could not help but burst out laughing. I quite liked that the male love interests weren’t stereotypically hot and were mostly cast due to their comedy skills. They also have a lot to do and bring as much to the table as the girls. Besides the unconventionally hot bartender Tom (Anders Holm) there is also Meg’s love interest Ken (Jake Lacy) and Lucy’s potential Mr. Right George (Jason Mantzoukas).

This just has an undeniable sense of fun, right from the get-go with Wilson dancing in a nightclub to Intoxicated while wearing a shirt with a light-up arrow pointing to her lady garden. That perfectly illustrates the tone of the movie. It does have some sweet moments and scenes of enlightenment and it does carry a message, but I like the way it is packaged. On occasion, I feared it was going to go too sentimental but it treaded that line pretty carefully.

Wilson gets the best lines and physical comedy moments. While I do find her funny, I can’t help but notice she plays EXACTLY the same part in everything. Johnson is sweet and relatable and the audience are on her emotional journey. Mann has the neurotic woman part nailed, and I wanted to see Brie more – I enjoyed her scenes a lot.

This may sound like only women can enjoy it but I can safely say men were laughing too. This is an absolute blast which avoids a lot of the obvious romcom pitfalls, puts a fresh spin on the genre and should leave everybody with a smile on their face and in the mood to party. I already want it on DVD.

In cinemas Friday 19th February 


  1. Excellent news! Thank you for sharing.


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