BAFTAs 2016: Gossip & Picture Gallery

Alejandro & Leo

Alejandro & Leo

Last night I had the absolute privilege to report from the 2016 BAFTAs. This is such a big deal to me  – I’ve watched the ceremony for years, been down there as a fan three times and only stopped that because I had to report on the broadcast from home. And this year I was there myself working surrounded by celebs and people who love film, and I was not going to waste this big opportunity. Read inside for all the info:

The first thing I must state is that yesterday was COLD, and you had to wear smart attire, so even though I wore a vest under my dress, a long coat, two pairs of tights, thick socks and boots, within half an hour I was freezing my ass off and 100% aware I still had two hours to go. The thing with that cold is that no reasonable person wants to stop so most actors did the bare minimum of press. I cannot speak for their commitment to signing as the red carpet was SO LONG. You cannot see who has arrived from where I was stood, so you had to rely on the crowd’s cheers – the biggest chants of the night were for Leo DiCaprio and John Boyega, which is how I predicted he would win the Rising Star Award.

So it was hardly a surprise when no actors stopped to talk to us down the end. They had had enough, they were cold and to be honest, they don’t need to promote anything! Lucky for us, the film education charity Into Film were next to us and some of the young actors ran over the speak to them – so thanks to Into Film, I got this close to my crush Taron Egerton (no zoom whatsoever!)


The red carpet is absolutely manic and it is hard to keep tabs on everybody. I spent 2-3 hours just scanning faces for famous people and it is quite tiring – until you spot one! All the big names came in the last half hour and my camera skills couldn’t keep up (hence all the blurry pics!) By the time the celebs get to us, they are just walking up to the wall of paparazzi so everything I have in my slideshow of the red carpet are side shots. We kept calling them to turn and face us – some did, some didn’t. Eddie Redmayne and Douglas Booth also came over to Into Film.

Leo DiCaprio had the biggest posse of the night – I literally couldn’t see him, and Cate Blanchett and Alicia Vikander disappeared so quickly I couldn’t even get a picture. Everyone knows I love Domhnall Gleeson but it was so difficult to get a picture because he was laughing so hard with his friend – properly throwing his head back – while totally power walking up the carpet. Dammit!

Obviously the red carpet was exciting (especially being in touching distance to Taron!) but the best part of the night was the inside. I was in the winner’s press conference, which is where the winners go after they have accepted their award and posed for photographers with their trophies. You get to see everybody really closely – the key ones last night being Leo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Alejandro G. Inarritu and John Boyega.

They just answer a few questions about the movie and what it’s like to win blah blah blah. I was just so happy to be in that room. As a novice awards show reporter, I didn’t ask a question because I was too shy. But at least I got to soak in the sight of Leo close by for 10 minutes.

I barely even saw what happened in the show. Catching up today I realised I had missed so much stuff – so I want to go back through the broadcast. It is hard to monitor the show and what’s happening in the press conference. I left the show after six hours of being there (red carpet included), absolutely starving and with a banging headache. But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

I have put all my pics in a slideshow – click right to speed it up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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