Deadpool: Film Review


I had been excited for Deadpool for ages, I seriously enjoyed the trailers and kick-ass marketing campaign and I was truly looking forward to a hilarious anti-hero movie. But it was too much of what I expected it would be – too silly, too crude, too lame – and that made me like it less.

Ryan Reynolds has been in the frame for the Merc with a Mouth for 11 years and Deadpool finally got made thanks to fan pressure following a leak of test footage. Wade Wilson is not a nice guy even before he undergoes a top secret experiment to rid his body of cancer. The series of torture tests conducted by Ajax (Ed Skrein) turn him into a disfigured mutant with advanced healing abilities. Wilson goes a violent spree to track down Ajax and get him to reverse the treatment so he can look hot again for his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

Deadpool is an incredibly self-aware film that pokes fun at itself and its own shortcomings, and the abilities of Ryan and the filmmaking team. I loved that and it established that tone with a genius opening credits sequence. I liked all the references in which the characters acknowledged this was a movie and Ryan regularly breaks the fourth wall to talk us through his story.


I also enjoyed the in-jokes about X-Men, how they couldn’t afford to get any famous X-Men actors and many, many references to Hugh Jackman. All that self-referential, nudge-nudge wink-wink stuff is great, and I am a big fan of the numerous pop culture references (although I didn’t get them all) but that level of humour is simply let down by the really lame gags.

Any form of decent plot or character development is sacrificed in favour of jokes, which is the nature of the thing, I get it, but I just wish the gags were smarter, wittier and not just pathetic dick, tits and ass jokes, masturbation wisecracks or puns on that level. Some were funny admittedly, especially in the beginning, but it wears thin. The jokes come thick and fast so naturally they aren’t all going to land (especially as you can’t catch them all!) but the team went too overboard and tried too hard to be funny meaning the epic comedy is diluted by the poor quality stuff.


It sounds like I didn’t enjoy Deadpool one bit but I actually really did. I laughed out loud a lot because it is a great parody of superhero movies and I loved seeing them being ridiculed. It was weird seeing so much sex, nudity and violence in this genre so some of it shocked me! But I guess that’s the point. I must give Ryan credit – he is clearly loving the role, his sense of fun and wickedness is perfect and this is probably the best comedy he’s ever done.

This is very loyal to the comic books and the Deadpool fans, so they will absolutely eat this up wholeheartedly without complaint. It has unapologetically done what it set out to do and made the film the fans wanted, so I must applaud it for that. However, if you are not aware of the character (like me), you might get tired of the relentless attempts to shock and ridicule.

In cinemas 10th February 


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