Zoolander 2 London premiere: My round-up & pics


The Zoolander 2 premiere tonight was probably the most fun premiere in a long time. The cast turn out was fantastic, they were all on top comedy form and they all seemed genuine friends and happy to be there. See inside for my pictures and round-up featuring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Kristen Wiig and Justin Theroux, plus surprise guests Natalie Dormer, Luke Wilson, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac. 

Ben and Owen have been doing a lot of promo as their characters Derek Zoolander and Hansel, so I had expected them to turn up in character at the London premiere – so I was a bit disappointed when they turned up as themselves. I didn’t need to worry though because they were just as much fun and were pulling their signature poses for the photographers.

Owen seemed quite uncomfortable and didn’t do any press but was great with the fans. Ben, who I have been a massive fan of years and never seen before, did everything and was everywhere but did it was great humour and enthusiasm. He did so many Blue Steel selfies and did not seem remotely annoyed when asked to keep doing it.

christine crop

Ben gave us a Blue Steel but I was too busy watching to take a picture and we also got his wife Christine (who has a small role in Zoolander 2) having a go – but she insists she can’t do it as well as Ben because she hasn’t nailed the eyebrow lift.

Penelope was the most serious of them all, but she looked fabulous, and Kristen still looked overwhelmed and uncomfortable in the premiere environment (I saw her at The Martian last year). Will was just brilliant – he is great with fans and so funny with the press – although I’m 99% sure everything he says is a lie.


The guest list was also pretty sweet. Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac were on the sheet so I kept an eye out for them. They didn’t arrive in cars on the red carpet or pose for cameras but just came out of the cinema to take part in a Guinness World Record attempt. It’s a good job Oscar was with Adam because I would never noticed him in his low key flat cap look (above). Luke Wilson was the same. Luckily I was in a press section next to the cinema entrance so I could spot them! Natalie Dormer also came along but she posed in a fabulous revealing jumpsuit and even did an onstage interview.

adam notes

The cast, guests and a ton of models took part in a record attempt – Ben was going to take a selfie with the world’s longest selfie stick and everyone assembled on the blue carpet to get in it. I really want to see the photo! They nailed the record of course and everybody cheered although it was dubious at first due to the wind! You can see Adam, Owen and Luke getting into the pic above.

Here are all my pictures – this is probably my biggest gallery yet. Click to enlarge the thumbnails.

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