Douglas Booth & Lily James: Apple Store Q&A


Last night the cast of absolutely nuts period drama/zombie slasher Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came to the Apple Store in London’s Covent Garden to chat about the movie and here are all my pictures of the stars Douglas Booth, Lily James, Jack Huston and Bella Heathcote.

I had wanted to see Douglas for a while and it was pretty clear that most of the crowd who turned up were in the same boat. The Apple Store was HEAVING! I was impressed by how nice he was and how articulate. He took on the general questions that the others struggled with and just seemed far more grown up than his 23 years. It was also brilliant that he learned how to dab from one of the audience members. I am a much bigger fan now.

I also really liked Lily. She is lovely, funny and a bit goofy. She laughs at everything and was constantly moving her arms and fidgeting in her chair – which is why a few of my pics are fuzzy! This Q&A made me warm to her a lot.

I have seen Jack in a few things but I knew very little about him. It was surprising to hear his transatlantic accent switch between American and British often, but he was pretty chilled. He generally only answered a question if it was directed at him, otherwise he just sat there chilling.

I also knew nothing about Bella but she is great. She kept saying how she loved playing a girl who could kick ass and she had a dry, sarcastic humour that made me laugh. Her Australian accent is also fantastic.

All of them did some signing at the end – obviously Douglas and Lily got the most requests. Douglas signed as many as he could and took some selfies, and even stopped to do some on the street outside. Such a nice guy.

Click my pics below to enlarge.



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