Zayn Malik perfectly distances himself from 1D with Pillowtalk


Unless you have been living under a rock today, it will not have escaped you that Zayn Malik released the video for his debut single Pillowtalk. Whether you think it’s good or not, I think we can all agree that he has well and truly established himself away from the One Direction mould.

First, my verdict on the song. The verses are okay and the beat is nothing special but he really comes into his own and is freakin’ awesome in the chorus. He always had one of the best voices in One Direction and could reach higher notes than the others, and the chorus really shows that off. It is so good. I also love the way he sings “It’s our paradise and it’s our warzone.” That whole section is perfect – but the rest is so ‘meh’. Hopefully I’ll grow to love it as a whole.

But I think the content here is more important. This is filthy and dirty and the absolute antithesis of One Direction. He says “fucking” in the damn chorus for crying out loud!! That is by no means incidental. He has done loads of interviews saying he was unhappy with the pop confines of the band and how he would try to put some R&B spin on things, but it would be taken out. Here, he can do exactly what he wants and he is doing that 100%. He is working some bad boy vibe and the whole song is about sexy time. Very different, very bold and such a statement – it is essentially him saying “this is who I wasn’t allowed to be in 1D” or “I’m not for teeny boppers anymore”.


Now we move onto the video, and what a video it is. The headline-grabbing part is clearly him making out with rumoured girlfriend Gigi Hadid, but I was more shocked by the leg-spreading model (see above), bum-baring women in a duel of sorts and both Zayn and Gigi crying blood. WTF?! It is artsy, moody and there are a lot of effects. Again, the exact opposite of One Direction videos. To be honest though, it isn’t something I would watch again. There is no story and it is a bit dull, once you’ve got over the shock elements.


I still can’t help but question Zayn’s ability to be a decent solo star. I wrote about this before but I’m not filled with confidence that he has the ambition and likeability to make his career last years. Sure he has done plenty of magazine interviews, but he has already dropped out of Graham Norton, I have seen no live performance plans for Pillowtalk (would be interesting to see if he can hit those notes live) and he just has such an air of not giving a shit. Even in the video, he doesn’t exude charisma or even make for a captivating onscreen presence. It will be interesting to see how committed he is when his album campaign starts around March.



What do you make of Pillowtalk?


  1. Reblogged this on Passionate About Music and commented:
    Thank you for sharing your opinion. I thought that Zayn had this look of guilt in this video, or maybe he just isn’t confident enough?- not the tough guy that we’ve been seeing pics of lately on instagram & twitter. I agree with you I’m not sure that he is sincere in what he is doing. Just trying to go for the shock factor. I still love his voice and can’t wait to hear more from the album!


    • Hannah Wales says:

      I love his voice and I will be definitely checking out the album – I’m just unsure about him as a person/his public persona. I can’t figure him out yet! PS. Thanks for reblog and comment

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  2. This Eid when the pictures of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid surfaced on the Internet celebrating Eid together with families made Muslims all over the world fell for them. But Zayn broke many hearts in his recent interview to British Vogue saying “I wouldn’t call myself Muslim”. zayn malik left islam


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