The X-Files premiere is lacklustre but I’m confident about the rest


Fans of The X-Files have been hoping for more episodes since it ended in 2002 after seven series, and they finally got what they wanted on Monday night, when the start of a six-part miniseries launched in the U.S. Having waited that long, obviously everyone wanted it to be awesome but reviews have been mixed at best. Not quite the immediate success fans were hoping for, but we shouldn’t give up yet – the best is on its way, I can feel it…

Now I need to put my hands up and say that I did not follow The X-Files because I was not old enough. The series ended when I was 12/3 and I watched a few episodes and found it absolutely terrifying. I watched both films, but we’ll ignore the second one (the first one was so good) but I have always wanted to watch it but was put off by the thought of catching up on over 200 episodes! So I decided to give this new series a go…

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) reunite to investigate a standard case of alien abduction or possible government conspiracy – you can find specifics about the episode on Wikipedia because I’m not entirely sure I followed it. The story is a mess and it flip-flops between aliens/government conspiracy super quick and some of explanations are rattled off at such a rate that I was not entirely sure what is going on.


Joel McHale is roped in as some sort of scaremonger TV reporter who claims he has found a girl who has been abducted by aliens – but then she says she was operated on by humans who were using alien technology to cover up their dark secrets – but then she changes her mind and says she lied. So what is the truth? And what’s the point? And what makes her case so special that the dream team return after 14 years? I was expecting it to be a more spectacular event.

The tension and history between Fox and Mulder is palpable, her cynicism about aliens has returned whereas his desire to believe is as intense as ever. I can’t wait to find out more about their history and what happened for them to break-up. This aspect is the most exciting thing about it – the actual story is very reliant on nostalgia, but I must admit I got chills when the familiar theme tune started.

But, about 10-15 minutes from the end, game changing shizz went DOWN which now makes the story very interesting. It may have gotten off to a bumpy start but I feel positive that great things are to come – and we don’t even have to wait that long because episode two is on tonight.

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