Kate Winslet & Maisie Williams at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

Kate & Kenneth

Kate & Kenneth

Last night I went to down to the Mayfair Hotel in London to cover the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards and I must admit I was slightly disappointed with the line-up simply because I was expecting one of The Revenant cast to be there, or at least a few more global stars.

Still, a line-up consisting of Kate Winslet, Kenneth Branagh, Dame Judi Dench, Tom Courtenay, Maisie Williams, Emma Donoghue, Florence Pugh, and a bunch of producers/directors and documentary makers (like Asif Kapadia) is not to be sniffed at.

I can’t say how these guys were with fans because the press line takes place inside the hotel so I could not see if the celebs signed on their way in. The lighting in the foyer was terrible as you can see and I didn’t get close enough to Winslet for a decent picture which is very annoying. Dench and Thomas Brodie-Sangster went straight inside without doing any interviews.

So it was a very hit and miss event – but at least it was indoors after the horrible two outdoor premieres I had endured in the past week. Luckily I was placed next to the reception room where the stars have drinks before the show starts and Winslet and Branagh were stood chatting next to the door for some time so I managed to grab a couple of pics and it was also nice to capture The Falling co-stars Williams and Pugh sharing a tight hug on the red carpet.

See all the action below.

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