Leonardo DiCaprio & Domhnall Gleeson at The Revenant premiere

Leo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio

Tonight I braved (and complained about) the insane cold temperatures in London’s Leicester Square as I waited to catch a glimpse of two of my favourite actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Domhnall Gleeson, plus Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and director Alejandro G. Inarritu.

I have definitely decided winter premieres are just not worth it. It just so cold that you can’t think straight, the cast are in a hurry to get indoors and you can’t work all your devices cos your fingers are numb. So this is all going to come across very moany, when I was actually really happy to be there (I just wish it was warmer).

My favourites of the evening were (obviously) Domhnall, everyone knows how much I love this guy. He arrived bang on time (never happens) and he was really thorough with signing and was the only star to get through the entire press line – hence why I have more pictures of him than anyone else. Will was very good with the fans. I think he signed everyone – he was going up and down that line for ages and he took so many selfies. And he had such enthusiasm! He looked genuinely happy to be there despite the cold and was still signing when everyone else had gone in.

Leo was disappointing in that he did a few interviews, did half the fans and then just pissed off indoors. I know he is a big star and can get away with that shit but c’mon some of those people had been standing in the freezing cold for hours! Then he comes out after and jumps straight in his car – at least Alejandro and Domhnall signed a few more after. You’ve just been nominated for ANOTHER Oscar in the most nominated film of this year – crack a smile!

Tom Hardy literally just bowls up 15 minutes before the scheduled start film time on foot. He signs for a ton of people at the arrivals area but skips the main red carpet pens and does less than half the press line. Not even surprised.

Here are all my pics. For more Revenant glory, check my review and my pictures and summary from a Apple Store Q&A with Domhnall and Will.

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