Creed: Film Review


The Rocky films have been revived for the seventh time, following 2006’s Rocky Balboa, and if you are wondering if there is anything fresh left in the franchise, the answer would be no. Creed may have a different angle and a new character to focus on, but it follows the exact same story arcs I have seen in every damn boxing film.

Michael B. Jordan is Adonis ‘Donny’ Johnson, the illegitimate son of Rocky’s former rival and friend Apollo Creed. He keeps his identity a secret, but boxing is his calling so he quits his day job in Los Angeles and relocates to Philadelphia, where he tries to convince Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) to train him.


There are only so many ways a boxing movie can go and I feel like they have all been used up. You could guess the story beat for beat and know when the highs and lows were coming because every underdog or in-the-face-adversity sports story follows the same pattern. The new characters breathed fresh life into franchise and it was enjoyable but it just brought nothing new to the table.

I haven’t watched every Rocky film so I probably missed some nostalgia elements, but it is quite sad seeing how Rocky is now living without Adrian and Paulie and is no longer boxing. It is also nice to see him pass his wisdom and training skills onto Johnson and help the newbie deal with the weight of his legacy and prove he is worthy of being Creed’s son. This is very loyal to the franchise so I’m sure diehard will love it, but as the films hold no value for me I don’t rate this too highly.


Jordan is physically impressive here, he clearly trained hard for this and you totally buy him as a boxer. He is RIPPED. In comparison Rocky is old, moody and used to living alone. Their chemistry is great and I like their father-son type relationship. I still would never have guessed Stallone would be nominated for his performance though. It never stood out to me. I’m even more surprised now he has won the Golden Globe. Tessa Thompson is fantastic as a singer and Johnson’s love interest and the variety of boxers he goes up against are entertaining.

You can probably tell that sporting dramas are not my bag and that I feel we do not need any more boxing films. I just switch off during the fight scenes, I never manage to concentrate on every punch and the endings are always predictable. It was enjoyable enough but quite forgettable, a tad cheesy and simply okay. I think Rocky fans would have a very different opinion on this.

In cinemas tomorrow 

See my pics from the premiere


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  2. […] Vinny faces feel bigger, more insurmountable than the personal life challenges recently seen in Creed and […]


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