I am loving the Pretty Little Liars time jump


When the five-year time jump in Pretty Little Liars was first announced I groaned because I hate when the TV shows I love change so significantly. It usually marks the beginning of the end as they can never recapture the magic of the earlier series. But I’m confident that won’t be the case with PLL – I am loving this time jump already.

To be honest, I had been getting fed up with Pretty Little Liars for a while because I thought they were stretching the A storyline out too long – how they managed to last five and half seasons without revealing the identity was crazy and I felt they were dragging it out just to keep pulling in viewers.

After the A is Charlotte (and Charles) reveal, I was quite happy with them ending in that final scene where they said their goodbyes and went off to separate universities. It felt like the proper end and everything was tied together. So I cynically thought the jump was simply a cash cow, designed to make the show last longer when they didn’t really have a reason to move it forward.

But I’ll take all that criticism back. The time jump has breathed new life into the show. I usually hate any sort of time jump in TV, even when it’s just from one season to another because I hate trying to fill in the blanks, figuring out what happened and trying to remember everything from before. But this was seamless and I didn’t feel disorientated at all, which is odd because we really don’t know much about what these girls have been doing in those five years.


The girls are in completely different places – Spencer is in politics (surprise surprise), Aria is in book publishing, Hanna is engaged and in fashion, Alison is a teacher in Rosewood and Emily not doing a lot and her dad has died. None of them are with their old boyfriends. I like this new dynamic and it reminds me of how I am with old school friends now. This a deep love there but they are all so different. Rosewood also looks a bit different – with Radley now a fancy hotel.

I imagine we’ll discover more about their new lives and what they’ve been doing over the next few episodes and I’m excited to find that out. I have to say I did not expect Charlotte to be popped off so soon but it brought new direction to the show and I am on board with this new big bad.

But screw that big revelation – the massive shocker for me was the hint that Spencer and Caleb might be together. WHAT THE FUCK?! This cannot be true? I really hope they are just good friends, but he kept mentioning her in his super awkward conversation with Hanna and then he seemed really close with Spencer in the hotel foyer. WHAT IS GOING ON?! If they are together, I really hope Hanna has a massive row with them about it and not just let it happen. Haleb are endgame!! Cannot wait to see how this develops.

What did you think of the episode?

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