Why Girls ending in 2017 is a good thing


It has been confirmed that Girls will be ending after season six in 2017 and the reactions I’m reading are sad while I’m sat here feeling a bit relieved. I have stuck with the show through its ups and downs and I’m ready to jack it in.

That sounded kinda harsh, so let me explain. I initially loved Girls, but then I really hated season 2, season 3 improved and season four was awesome. Although I enjoy it, I am not invested in Hannah (Lena Dunham), Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), Marnie (Allison Williams) or Jessa (Jemima Kirke), which is surprising considering I’ve been watching their lives for four seasons. The episodes are sort of forgettable and the only storyline that truly touches me is the love between Adam (Adam Driver) and Hannah. For example, this hospital scene (pic below) in the season 4 finale was golden – I may have welled up a bit and rewatched a few times.  Just get back together!!


But it’s so damn inconsistent! You can have a perfectly written and acted scene like that and a few surrounding episodes were nothing much happens. The characters are pretty unlikeable and unrelatable so it is hard to care about their storylines (except Hannah and Adam). There are moments when I like Hannah and I liked Marnie in the very beginning but now, just no!

So I don’t hate the show. It’s an easy way to spend 20-25 minutes and there have been some brilliant comedy moments (usually involving Elijah) but I could not even tell you what happened in the previous season because I have completely forgotten. So that’s why I am not sad it is finishing. I won’t miss anybody (perhaps Adam, a little bit). I think it’s best to go when Dunham still has the enthusiasm for writing the show, rather than keep going until she no longer cares.

Season 5 begins in February.


  1. […] game and is focussed on getting the characters where she wants them to be by the end of season six (next one is the last). It has made the writing sharper, funnier and totally relatable/realistic. You watch it thinking, […]


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