The 2016 BAFTA Rising Star winner is so hard to pick


As the only BAFTA category open to public vote, I always feel like it is my duty as a U.K. fan film to vote for the Rising Star Award and I have done in recent years, but my choice has never scooped the award (not even once!) So perhaps I shouldn’t and then my favourite would win.

In most years, I have a clear favourite straight away and I cast my vote without hesitation. This year is slightly more difficult for me because I’m torn between two standouts, I absolutely adore a third and still love the remaining two. It’s not easy this year, no way.

First up, Taron Egerton. I think all World of Celeb readers know that I have a major crush on this guy (main example here) and I love Kingsman: The Secret Service. I have it on DVD and I have watched it three times. I have seen his other roles in Testament of Youth and Legend and I eagerly await Kingsman 2 and Eddie the Eagle. I voted for him to win Best Newcomer at the Empire Film Awards and he won, but I would love for him to get this too. But is my vote simply shallow?

Next – Brie Larson. Her performance in Room is extraordinary (see review) and she totally deserves awards nominations. She is also brilliant in Short Term 12 and Trainwreck. She is definitely the most deserving on the talent front, but she is getting a ton of film festival awards and nominations – does she really count as a Rising Star any more? She has bigger fish to fry – girl deserves the Golden Globe and Oscar.

Third – Bel Powley. She won rave reviews for The Diary of Teenage Girl (which I am desperate to see!) and she is a scene stealer in A Royal Night Out. I adore her completely, but she hasn’t done an awful lot yet. Perhaps it’s too soon for her nomination?

Fourth – Dakota Johnson. Fifty Shades of Grey would have been a total travesty without her and she was really moving in a small amount of time in Black Mass. I also can’t wait to see her in A Bigger Splash and How to Be Single. I just don’t think is more talented than Brie – soz.

Fifth – John Boyega. This my own personal issue in that I have not seen Attack the Block or Half of a Yellow Sun. My bad. So I cannot vote for him simply on the basis of Star Wars because his acting did not stand out for me. Sure, I like his character and his chemistry with Daisy Ridley, but not enough, so he comes bottom (which means he’s probably going to win).

You’ve read the contenders, you see my dilemma – who do you think I should vote for and why? Sound off in the comments below.

Also make sure you vote for the Rising Star yourself here.


  1. It’s a pretty strong year!


  2. Hannah Wales says:

    Oh yeah me too!



  1. […] nominees were (L-R) Anya Taylor-Joy, Lucas Hedges, Ruth Negga, Tom Holland and Laia Costa. Like last year I’m not certain who to vote for, and I explain why […]


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