Joy: Film Review


I must admit I wasn’t particularly bothered about Joy because the story seemed a bit lame, but I love Jennifer Lawrence so I always going to see it anyway. It turns out the film is brilliant, inspiring and one that makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

Lawrence is Joy Mangano, who has a hectic home life looking after two children, her mother, her ex-husband (Edgar Ramirez), who still lives in the basement, and her father (Robert De Niro), who has just moved in after splitting with his partner. She works as an airline assistant, helps her dad’s auto business with her half-sister Peggy (Elisabeth Rohm) and struggles to make ends meet and take care of everybody. One day she designs the Miracle Mop, the first self-wringing mop, with the financial help of her dad’s new lover Trudy (Isabella Rossellini) and sells it to home shopping channel QVC and its boss Neil (Bradley Cooper) and becomes a household inventing phenomenon.


Lawrence is reliable as ever and gives an outstanding performance as Joy, someone who has a dream but is constantly told she can’t do it yet she keeps pushing on and finally makes it. Joy is so relatable when she is the debt-ridden housewife stuck looking after everybody to the detriment of her own happiness. Then she is totally kickass and feisty when she needs to take care of business and protect her product. Lawrence portrays so many emotions here and all of them are so believable. It is a flawless performance and definitely deserving of a nomination.

The film focused on the mop rather than Joy’s life more than I had expected. I wanted to see how her brand grew into the empire it is today but this biopic is all about the mop, which is the key to her success but also a very small slice of her life. It doesn’t cover a ton of ground which means the film feels a tad too long and bit boring when it comes to legal issues with patents and money, which totally went over my head. Unless you understand patent law, I will amazed if you can properly follow how Joy was done over financially. Also, this has been pitched as a comedy-drama, but it really not that funny so I don’t know where that categorisation came from!


I love an underdog story and one that leaves me feeling inspired and like I can do anything if I work hard. It brought tears to my eyes when she starts selling the mop on QVC because she deserved her success so much! I love these type of movies.

So although the story was a bit thin on the ground for the length of the film (I began noticing the time towards the end when the finances get sticky) and I was not a fan of the narration, I really enjoyed it and connected with it. You want Joy to succeed, and you are cheering her own the whole way. I also love seeing a woman who takes no crap from anybody. Brilliant.

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  1. I’d watch Lawrence read a laundry list. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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