Sleeping with Other People: Film Review


Romantic comedies have a bad rep but I personally love them and Sleeping with Other People is no exception. It is smart, it is funny and Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie are delightful to watch.

Sudeikis is Jake, who loses his virginity to Lainey (Brie) in college after a chance meeting in his dormitory. They don’t hear or see each other again until the present day, when they bump into each other at a sex/love addicts meeting as they both have trouble staying in committed relationships and pursuing people that are actually available. They eventually become great friends who help each other out with their love problems, but it soon becomes obvious they are totally into each other.


Most films of this nature are inherently predictable, but that’s because you want that happy payoff. Nobody wants to watch a romantic comedy when the two people destined to be together don’t end up together. That’s the worst – it’s not enjoyable and it’s not fun. So yes, you know what the end game is but it’s the journey that matters and it is a hilarious and sweet one.

The chemistry between Sudeikis and Brie is palpable. Their interactions are so quick and witty it makes me question if they are improvised – it feels so natural. They get on so well and you can believe their friendship for sure. Sudeikis just oozes charisma and plays dudes that can get laid so easily – so it won’t surprise you to discover that is exactly what his character is like here. Brie is funny, adorable but also really affecting at times. You truly believe she is troubled by her emotional problems, whereas Jake is doing just fine.


Lainey is essentially ‘the other woman’ to Adam Scott’s gynaecologist character Dr. Matthew and I have never seen him in a role like this. He is so serious, such a dork but also totally manipulative. He is not the only great supporting star – Adam Brody (who I love and don’t see enough) is in it for like 10 minutes but his scene has stuck with me the most. He is awesome – why is he not in more stuff?? Jason Mantzoukas and Andrea Savage are the brilliant good friends of Jake – they are a couple and parents but so damn cool. This is the first time I’ve seen Marc Blucas since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that was weird (he played Riley Finn) and Amanda Peet is Jake’s other love interest. Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne was not in this remotely enough.

So the cast bring it, it is heartwarming, fun and the script is interesting although predictable. That’s a winning combination if you ask me. My favourite moments include Jake’s how-to session about finger banging and a showdown in a brunch place between Jake and Matthew. If you don’t watch those with a massive smile on your face there is something wrong with you. It didn’t make me laugh the entire time, but it made feel a variety of emotions which is a sign of a good movie.

In cinemas 1st January 

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