Daddy’s Home: Film Review


The trailer for Daddy’s Home looked awful and I am not one of those people who love Will Ferrell in everything so I was dreading having to go and see such a terrible movie. It turned out to be pretty good. Not great, not amazing but a more decent comedy offering than I was bracing myself for.

Ferrell is Brad, a really sweet, sappy, boring stepdad who cannot bear his own children. He is married to Sarah (Linda Cardellini) and helps raise her two kids, when out of the blue, their biological father, the strong and sexy Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) shows up, suddenly wanting to be involved with his kids and win back Sarah, so the two dads are constantly trying to one-up each other.


This made me laugh more than expected. But the true comedy came from the smaller moments rather than the heinous comedy set pieces that are shown in the trailer (which aren’t at all funny). They are two big moments where Brad tries to out-do the manly, physically fit Dusty by riding a motorcycle and jumping off a roof on a skateboard onto a half pipe. This would be funny if the CGI worked – but it is really bad and that was all I could think about. While everyone was laughing around me, all I could think was, ‘God, could they not make it look better than that?’ or ‘If they couldn’t achieve this realistically, why not choose a different stunt?’ It just looked SO bad, and it just screamed of trying too hard.

It was like those two awful set pieces were used to reel in the audience in the trailer, when the true comedy is in the dialogue and the interaction between Ferrell, Wahlberg and their combined families. Yes, it is very clichéd and yes, you can see the end and its message from the very beginning but the jokes in the script are pretty good. Surprisingly so. My favourite scenes are not in the trailer – one is set in a fertility clinic with small role by Bobby Cannavale as a doctor and another is a brilliant dance sequence at the end. I did also like a showdown at a basketball game, but this was also ruined in the trailer.


Daddy’s Home is a pleasant popcorn movie that demands no brain cells and will make you laugh. The two leads are funny as expected, but not every single joke works, especially the ones that are obviously trying too hard. It is very predictable but it’s heartwarming and will leave you going home with a smile on your face.

In cinemas 26th December 


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