Is Dohmnall Gleeson the weakest link in Star Wars?


This has been bugging me for the last few days since I watched The Force Awakens so I must get it off my chest – I really disagree with Domhnall Gleeson being cast as General Hux. Anyone who knows me will understand it pains me to say anything bad about this guy, but he just wasn’t right for the part at all.


I am a massive Gleeson fan, I have a total crush on him, I watch and read all his interviews and every time new Star Wars teasers came out I was waiting for some insight into what his character would be – but he was always missing and shrouded in mystery. All we knew going in was that he played General Hux, the commander of the First Order and the Starkiller Base.

So when I first watched the movie I was obviously keeping a keen eye out for him and when he first appears onscreen and speaks, my reaction was ‘oooohhhh, I’m not so sure!’ and as his scenes progressed I became less convinced by his casting. I just don’t buy Domhnall as a bad guy. He is a nice person and has a kind face and no amount of stern looks, pouting, furrowed brow and clipped British accent will change my view.


I thought perhaps as I like him so much I wasn’t seeing it clearly (which is probably the case) but surely I would just be convincing myself that it was awesome but I have loved him in everything else? But on my second viewing I felt exactly the same, just not as dramatically. Other friends have agreed with me too.

I don’t blame this on Domhnall whatsoever. He was given nothing to do except bark orders and communicate necessary info (except his epic rallying cry speech) and he is waaaay better than that. I’m surprised he took on a character that was so 2D. The role gave him no space to flesh out the part or flex his acting muscles. The acting all round was on point (especially Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley), so it just made him stand out like a sore thumb.

I seriously hope Hux is given more to do in Episode VIII because it is more of the same I will be gutted. Domhnall will be giving up his time to films which are wasting his acting talents. I know Star Wars villains aren’t typically fleshed out, but if Episode VII can do it for Kylo Ren, then Episode VIII can for Hux. If they have nothing for him to do, I would rather he is not in it at all.

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  1. The impression I got they were going for was that Hux and Ren are kind of wussy, unsure of what they are doing, fighting with each other

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    • Hannah Wales says:

      I agree. I hope they can figure out a decent storyline for him. I know the commander figure has never had much to do but as it’s an actor I’m invested in, I’m rather annoyed about it!

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  2. I felt that maybe the character was a bit young to be in charge of so much, but I decided that a manipulator like Snoke would prefer less seasoned and more impressionable vessels through which he controls the First Order. Other than that, this actor–who I don’t recall having seen before–wasn’t really given a lot to work with: be the bad guy who is supposedly in charge, but who has to stand in the shadow of the creepy, impulsively violent wizard-guy. Not a lot of room to relax if you’re Hux.


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