Sisters: Film Review


I love Tina Fey and I love Amy Poehler separately and I love them a million times more when they are together. They are comedy gold in my book. So you cannot imagine how disappointed I was watching Sisters, which is so, so lame.

Fey is Kate, a party girl who can’t hold down a job or support her daughter and Poehler is her sister Maura, who is sensible and slightly boring. Maura discovers her parents are putting their childhood home in Orlando up for sale so they head back to sort their stuff, but when they get there, they realise it has already been sold and the new owners are moving in within a few days. So what do they do to stick it to their parents? Throw a massive rager, of course.


The plot is extremely sparse, which is why it has to be padded out by so many lame jokes. I desperately wanted this to be good, and funny, and make me leave the cinema beaming with joy but I felt nothing. Also there was only one other person in my cinema screening and he made no noise so I cannot even tell if other people found this shit funny.

The problem is that I love what Fey and Amy write, and they did not write Sisters, they only produce and star. I’m sure they contributed a lot and improvised many lines, but the standard was not high. The script is very reliant on dirty sex jokes, variations on ‘suck a dick’, random shouting or constant gags about how wasted people at the party are. I did laugh occasionally (big time in the dress shopping scene) but I would say I was silent for about 70% of the jokes and a large portion didn’t even raise a smile. And it is not hard to make me smile at films! It was just all so awkward, and you could see it coming miles off.


The saving grace was the natural chemistry between the two leads. You can tell they are great friends in real life. The support cast was a mixed bag though – I liked Ike Barinholtz as the love interest, but that’s mainly cos I like him from The Mindy Project. I usually adore Maya Rudolph but her character was heinous – I know ‘villains’ are supposed to be but she was just awful. I hated the way she talked, dressed, everything. This can also be said for SNL star Bobby Moynihan who is annoying before he takes drugs but afterwards I just want to shoot him. He is not remotely funny.

So, there you have it. Tina and Amy aren’t the invincible comedy queens I had hoped. Sisters will be pleasing for some, but the humour is so lame and low-rent. I was hoping for something a bit smarter and less predictable. Hopefully they’ll pick a better project next time.

In cinemas now 

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