Scream Queens finale: A disappointing lack of deaths


As I have previously discussed, I have a serious love/hate relationship with Scream Queens but I have been really enjoying the last few episodes. This week the double-bill finale aired and it was awesome, except for the fact that Lea Michele ruined the identity of the Red Devil on Twitter, and not enough of the main cast were killed off as Ryan Murphy had teased.


Back in April, creator Murphy said in an interview that although the show is an anthology series, it would not be completely rebooted so the characters who survived could return – and said only four would remain by the end. So before the double bill, Dorkus and The Final Girls, aired, I assumed that the majority of the cast would be killed off in some way. But by my count all the Chanels are still alive (possibly not Emma Roberts, given the cliffhanger) plus Denise, Grace, Grace’s dad, Dean Munsch, Zayday and Chad Radwell. That is way more than four. Sounds a bit cruel, but I was quite looking forward to seeing one of the Chanels and Chad get murdered. The only character who actually bites the dust in the finale is Pete (Diego Boneta) and as he was in on it, you don’t really care (sorry random pizza delivery guy).


I was gearing for a bloodbath, nail-biting finale leading up to the reveal, but the identity didn’t seem like a big deal here, because it focused more on her backstory and framing the Chanels for the murders. Although that could be because the identity was ruined for me by Michele and Nick Jonas who give the plot away on Twitter while live tweeting the show on Wednesday. I don’t live in the US goddamn it!

The reveal didn’t surprise me really because any one of the Chanels could have been the killer – they were all psycho enough. It would have truly been a surprise had it been Grace (Skyler Samuels), Zayday (Keke Palmer) or Grace’s dad (Oliver Hudson). Everyone else was way too suspicious already. I really wanted to see the killer then actually kill somebody, but you don’t. Turns out, in the backstory, Hester (Michele) only killed Pete anyway so the identity of the major killers (Pete and Boone) were given away earlier in the series/finale.


So the reveal didn’t have the shocking impact I wanted, it was given away and there was not enough killing for my liking. But I still enjoyed the episode. The dialogue is hilarious and I really hope Roberts stays because she is hilarious and makes the show. Her narration is fantastic, and I also liked Hester’s during the flashbacks. They were so funny, I replayed them both. My favourite scenes included Grace’s dad seducing Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), the exploding pizza delivery guy, No.5’s (Abigail Breslin) issue with Tinder and the Chanels’ new life in the asylum.

I have had issues with Scream Queens but the last few weeks have been pure fun entertainment. I really hope all the Chanels come back (if it gets a green light for season two) because KKT being lead by Grace and Zayday would be way too boring. The show needs Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd in my book.

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