Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell: Daddy’s Home Premiere Pics


Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell came to London’s Leicester Square tonight to promote their new comedy Daddy’s Home and for some funny dudes, they were actually kinda dull.

I find this with celebs a lot – if they are known for being funny onscreen, they aren’t so much off. Ferrell was pretty funny in a very deadpan, sarcastic way during his interview, but you also had no idea what was a joke and what wasn’t. He was also awesome during his onstage interview – (deliberately) mistaking the temporary Leicester Square ferris wheel for the London Eye.

You expect comedy stars to be bubbling with energy and warmth and you just didn’t get that.  They didn’t seem to pep the crowd up much and make it an event. But they both did interviews and a ton of signing for fans, so they weren’t awful. I’m just being picky – but when you’ve been waiting outside for ages in the freezing cold, you want more!

I also got a ticket to go inside and see the film (review coming soon!) and they came in to introduce and were very funny. They had great banter with the front row of the audience and Ferrell jokingly challenged a fan to a fight and fake cried. It was random but awesome.

Here are my pics.


  1. […] have done a few TV interviews at the start, but that was it. He was certainly a lot different from the first film’s premiere. Perhaps he should have worn a coat this […]


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