Domhnall Gleeson & Will Poulter: The Revenant Q&A



Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter visited London’s Covent Garden Apple Store today to chat about their new movie The Revenant, which was pretty difficult because they can’t talk much about the plot or their characters!

The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio who is left for dead after his team, lead by Tom Hardy, take off once he is attacked by a bear. I have no clue what happens in the film beyond that but it looks brutal, tough and so exciting.

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear before but I am a massive fan Domhnall fan so I turned up early (the second one in the queue!) to get a decent seat and he was right in front of me woohoo! He was really nice, laughed a lot, made a ton of jokes (“I can’t answer any questions about Apple products”) but took questions seriously when needed. He was also wearing pretty groovy socks. Will was much more well-spoken and articulate than I expected and he really thought his answers through.

It was great hearing them talk about the shoot and joke about how close they got – Domhnall ever went as far to say he “came on” to Will and they had sex. Obviously this was a joke about how chummy they became throughout the intense shoot. All the cast became tight due to the conditions.

Here are some interesting things they said:

  1. The film was shot in natural light so they would have to wait most of the day for the perfect alignment of the sun and clouds for the scene. That perfect lighting set-up might only last for half an hour, so the cast and crew are under pressure to nail a chunky scene within 1-2 takes as that was all the time they had
  2. Domhnall really has trouble describing the plot
  3. It was the most unique filming experience any one had ever had from the cast to the crew – it was just so unlike everything they have done before as it was all on location, using natural light and real weather. Those three challenges are never taken on ever, let alone in one movie
  4. They believe what you see onscreen is not really them acting – they think audiences can tell they were truly hungry, tired and cold
  5. By the time it was nearing the end, Domhnall was ready for it to be over. It took him a while to get used to life after the movie because his real life and the on set life was so vastly different. He had a culture shock.
  6. Will does not know if he is going to be in the next Maze Runner movie

Check out my pics below!


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