Guess I won’t be going to Rihanna’s concert then


I LOVE Rihanna. I’m a big fan who has loved her music from Pon de Replay til now, even when it got into shady Unapologetic territory. I was really excited when she announced a 2016 tour but then I looked at the prices, deliberated for a second and went ‘naaah, not worth it’. Here’s my explanation:

Rihanna’s tickets for the ANTI World Tour went on sale today. In London, she is only playing one date at Wembley Stadium, which is a venue I really don’t understand. At the O2 Arena you are seeing everyone as a dot, so at the Stadium is there any point of even being there cos you’re not going to see her – just her on a screen (which you could do at home)? Anyway, I’ve lost track, my main issue is that venue is hella expensive.

Tickets for that date cos between £57 (for super far away) to £109. One hundred and nine pounds?! Are you having a laugh?! Unfortunately not. That’s almost like ticket tout prices. I flat out refuse to pay that much money to go to a concert, especially when I wasn’t impressed with her the first time around.

I saw Rihanna on the Loud tour in 2011 and I enjoyed myself but I was left disappointed by her stage presence and her general lack of enthusiasm (review here). She turned up almost an hour late and seemed a bit too on auto pilot for my liking. I felt like she hadn’t earned by £50! And at the time I said I would never see her again, but I want to so bad right now!

Also, another good point – we haven’t heard the album – it could be god awful! Unapologetic was not her best, but she has had a fair bit of time off so you would hope ANTI will be a banger. I’m really hoping it is. But then I’ll kick myself that I can’t see the new tracks performed live… oh well, perhaps she shouldn’t charge that much money.

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