Chris Hemsworth: Pics from the In the Heart of the Sea premiere

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Tonight the Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth graced the blue carpet for the European premiere of In the Heart of the Sea at Leicester Square in London, and I took SOOO many pictures.

I have seen Hemsworth at a few premieres now and he is always friendly and enthusiastic with fans and the press. The carpet was insanely busy so I can’t vouch for how much signing he did, but he covered all reporters. He is just a lovely guy and he knows how to work a suit. He did look damn tired though.

Sadly, Hemsworth was the only one that I got to speak to. I didn’t even SEE Cillian Murphy, who I love as an actor, as he arrived, signed for a few fans and then rushed inside without speaking to the press. I completely missed him. I had hoped to speak to Tom Holland and director Ron Howard but they were hurried away before they got to me – which was annoying because I had really interesting questions lined up!

Charlotte Riley, Benjamin Walker and his fiance Kaya Scodelario were also on the blue carpet, but again, I saw them so briefly and I couldn’t even get a decent picture. So not my most successful premiere, but I got to speak to Hemsworth for the first time so not at all bad!

See my gallery below.


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