The Night Before: Film Review


I love Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christmas films, but I wasn’t entirely convinced by this because I felt the trailer had spoiled every bit of hilarity, but there was no need to worry because this is so funny and just brilliant.

Ethan (Gordon-Levitt) is best friends with Isaac (Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) and they started a Christmas tradition back in 2001 but Isaac and Chris have grown up and no longer want to continue doing it by 2015. They do one last year to say goodbye and everything that can go wrong does – Isaac takes a lot of drugs, Chris is now a celebrity and has trouble keeping his ego in check and Ethan is trying to get over a break-up from Diana (Lizzy Caplan).


I just had a massive smile on my face the entire way through. About 90% of the jokes worked for me, but this will only be true if you love Rogen’s type of comedy, which I do. It will not float everyone’s boat. He carries this movie simply by stumbling around high the majority of the time. That may sound like it gets monotonous but it was just hilarious– key moments include him receiving dick pictures and having hallucinations in a church. Mackie’s main comedy was from pop culture references as he can’t stop using social media and promoting brands. But forget about the main three – Michael Shannon steals the show as a very odd drug dealer who is essentially the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. You just don’t expect him in this sort of film so I enjoyed his performance immensely.

There were also some brilliant cameos from James Franco, Tracy Morgan and Miley Cyrus. Franco and Rogen’s bromance shows no signs of slowing down! Their scene is SO much fun. I also love Mindy Kaling so her small role was a joy and Lorraine Toussaint was perfectly cast as Chris’ mum.


Ethan is not particularly funny but I could relate to him a lot. I am also someone who tries to keep traditions alive for nostalgia’s sake. I could really sympathise. You keep doing things that were fun because you don’t want to accept things have changed.

I love a Christmas movie, and this wasn’t overly cheesy and clichéd which it could have easily been. It isn’t going to be a Christmas classic but it is still a fun watch. I haven’t laughed this hard and often at a comedy in ages.

In cinemas 4th December 


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