Why I won’t be buying Adele concert tickets


Today Adele, who is everywhere at the moment, announced her tour of U.K. and Europe and everyone seems to be going nuts about seeing her perform live. I am not one of them and I have some very valid reasons.

First of all, she hasn’t had a great track record with tours. She bailed on her 2008 tour to spend time with her then-boyfriend and again in 2011 when she had a chest infection and then a vocal haemorrhage. Can she be trusted to complete this whole trek? She has a son and partner now – surely, she won’t enjoy being away from them too much. She’s doing 36 dates just in the U.K. and Europe, so it looks set to be her biggest ever.

Secondly, you know it’s going to be hella expensive. I can’t actually find the confirmed costs anywhere at the moment, but for a date in Manchester, the price range on Ticketmaster is £60-£100. To watch someone sing from behind a microphone stand? No way. If I’m paying that much I want a SHOW a la Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to make me feel like my hard-earned cash has been spent on the actual production. I will personally find Adele’s show boring because of the money factor. If it was £30-£40 I would probably be alright with it. I watched her TV special Adele at the BBC and she’s not exactly a commanding stage presence.


I don’t think she is an arena singer. Her music works better in smaller intimate venues but I can understand why they are in these places – the demand is so god damn high! The fact that she has sold 2.4 million copies of 25 in the U.S. in four days shows just how much people love her.

I am not a die-hard Adele fan. I still haven’t listened to all of 25, but I haven’t been blown away by every single track I’ve heard. She is great and I love her singles, especially Hometown Glory and Someone Like You, but I just don’t love her music passionately enough to be sat on a ticket website desperately refreshing to get my hands on tickets.


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