The Walking Dead: Why are you so dull?!


Is it just me or is this season of The Walking Dead seriously DRAGGING?! We have had six episodes and the plot has not forward much at all. In comparison to seasons which have come before, this is pretty weak and dull.

Don’t get me wrong, each series has been boring at points with the exception of 1 and all of the prison stuff (3 and halfway through 4). But I feel like time is really stagnating at the moment. We are still, in a time sense, where we were in episode 1, with the parade of zombies, and the remainder has just been seeing things from different groups perspectives.

Sure, the episode where the Wolves attacked Alexandria was awesome and the last one where Glenn (Steven Yeun) supposedly died was shocking, but that was three weeks ago – why are they stalling?! I feel like they are just padding out time so they don’t have to give away that Glenn has survived (which he obviously has!) so quickly. Some people loved the flashback episode with Morgan (Lennie James) but I found it totally boring and there was no reason for it to be 90 minutes long. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) returning to Alexandria was so-so and the Darryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) & Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) episode didn’t really add anything to the plot at all. I just want the story to move forward goddamit – then I can find out what happened to Glenn!

I know a TV show cannot be shocking/dramatic/horrifying all the time. It is just isn’t sustainable. But they gotta give me something here – three bland episodes in a row is just not cool. I want more badass Carol (Melissa McBride), more Darryl and more kick-ass Michonne (Danai Gurira) and scary psycho Rick! How exciting would that be??

I really, really hope this is the calm before the storm. There are only two shows left before the mid-season finale and it better be good.

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