Brooklyn: Film Review


I wanted to watch Brooklyn simply because of Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson, who are two actors I always keep an eye on, so having them in a movie together sounded like my dream. As expected, they did not disappoint and Brooklyn is a powerful, emotional drama that also manages to be incredibly funny.

Ronan is Eilis, a young Irish girl who leaves her mum and sister Rose behind to forge a new life for herself in Brooklyn, New York after struggling to find work and purpose in her hometown in the 1950s. She battles homesickness, cultural difference and loneliness until she meets Tony (Emory Cohen) and they fall in love and begin to make plans for their future. That is until tragedy strikes at home, forcing Eilis to go home. She plans to stay for a short time but she meets Jim (Gleeson) and is offered a job, and she must decide which country and which life she wants.


Ronan is perfectly cast in this because has such an expressive face that conveys all her vulnerability and emotion. You want Eilis to be happy. Ronan is just as capable commanding the dramatic scenes as the comedy and the happy-go-lucky romantic side. She shines on the screen, and this is a major credit to the period clothing and hair & make-up.

I personally related to the story a lot, having left my hometown for a city with more possibilities – sure I don’t live as far and I don’t need an arduous boat trip – but I understand her homesickness and worry about fitting in and finding purpose, and wondering if life in her hometown would be better. So while this is a period drama, it fit felt extremely relevant, timeless and it touched me personally.


I liked Cohen and Gleeson as her co-stars. She has fantastic chemistry with Cohen and you know which one you want her to choose but sadly we don’t see Gleeson, my love, as much as I’d hoped. Out of the supporting cast my favourite is Julie Walters, who plays Ms. Kehoe, the keeper of her boarding house. The dinner table scenes in the house with the other boarding girls are hilarious. I actually laughed out loud loads during this, which I never expected. It takes a clever script to make you laugh one minute and touch you the next. Well done Nick Hornby.

I really felt her heartbreaking dilemma of leaving or staying in Ireland and it was so powerful, thanks to Ronan, who is remarkable. I was left wondering which man she would pick right up until the very end. I really cannot criticise this at all. I loved everything about it. If you are up for a period drama which will make you laugh and shed a tear, I would definitely recommend.

In cinemas Friday 6th November 


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