Why I’ve quit American Horror Story: Hotel


Tonight I would usually be sitting down to watch Wednesday’s night episode of American Horror Story: Hotel but I’ve made the executive decision to quit it, because it is just so awful.

I had never watched American Horror Story before this series and the only reason I tuned in was because I wanted to see what Lady Gaga got up to – but it became pretty obvious all she does is seduce, have sex, drink blood and turn others into vampires. Sure, something else might happen but there is not enough payoff in her scenes to make the rest of show worth it.


The series, from what I’ve heard, is the most disgusting and sick so far. It is not remotely enjoyable. I don’t mind gore or gross imagery if there is a decent story or character(s) but this is simply all over the place and shocking for shockings sake. I don’t care for anyone at all and I’m not engaged with the content. It’s like Ryan Murphy and co. decided to throw everything at the show and see what sticks – but nothing is sticking!

I thought Donovan (Matt Bomer) might have a decent storyline after being cast out by the Countess, and I found Tristan (Finn Wittrock) pretty fascinating, but there’s a zillion other strands that are given time to and not followed through. Like Sally (Sarah Paulson) is just awful, John (Wes Bentley) is super depressing and James March (Evan Peters) is just a frickin psycho with no other side to him.

I am not one to quit shows, like ever. I am very loyal and I see things through to the bitter end. But I had my reservations about Hotel from the pilot (my review here) and gave myself a few more episodes to make a decision. The following episodes may not have been as shocking and disgusting as the pilot but they still haven’t developed as much as I’d hoped and it felt like a chore to watch. So I’m out.


  1. I agree. At this point, American Horror Story doesn’t have much left going for it. Personally, I believe the series as a whole began it’s decline after season two. When the series blew up and Ryan Murphy became aware of the cult following it had generated. From there on out it became shock value, one liners, and filled to the brim with celebrities. Each and every famous face was accompanied by their own story line causing the show to become very unfocused and lost. It’s a shame because the first two seasons were great.

    I will continue to watch Hotel only because of Gaga. I am a huge fan. But that is the only reason.


  2. I remember reading your first review post and I think we were on the same page about being unsure whether go continue or not. However, we have gone our separate ways: I’m actually enjoying the show! I thought I’d hate it because of the gore and all, but it’s not bothering me much after all. I’m interested in the story line and I love Gaga’s scenes so much. Too bad it’s not the same for you :/


    • Hannah Wales says:

      That’s really interesting and surprising (You’re the first person to say you enjoyed it)! We were definitely on the same page before. To be fair, I like Gaga’s scenes a lot and would be interested to see how her story progresses but I just dislike the rest so much I just can’t stick with it any longer. I hope you enjoy it! Also, thank you for checking out my update 🙂

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      • I really can’t understand why so many hate it… Maybe because I haven’t watched any of the previous seasons to compare? But then again, neither have you… It’s a matter of opinion, I guess 🙂


      • Hannah Wales says:

        Yeah that’s it! It’s pretty shocking so it’s very divisive – you either love it or hate it. I had never watched AHS before so I was not prepared!

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