Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller at Burnt premiere: Picture Gallery

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was joined by his co-stars Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl and Omar Sy on the red carpet tonight in London’s Leicester Square to promote Burnt. Here are my pics!

Generally, the press are offered screenings or tickets to the premiere but nobody I spoke to had seen it which doesn’t bode well for the culinary drama, about a chef who lets his demons get the better of him so he loses his job, and has to fight to redeem himself and become the top chef he was once was.

Bradley Cooper took a while to arrive but when he did, he was very good with the fans, taking selfies, signing etc with every single section – which isn’t good news for me in the press line. Miller showed up literally an hour late and I can’t say I saw her sign for anybody (perhaps a few) – but I’ve seen her before and this is standard Sienna. She doesn’t really like the press and she doesn’t go out of her way for the fans. So Bradley pretty much carried the whole thing and she depended on that. You can see they are close though – check the hug (below). They even did press interviews as a duo.

Bradley & Sienna Miller

Bradley & Sienna Miller

It is always disappointing when some the cast don’t seem happy to be there but at least Daniel and Omar got in on the fun (although Daniel always looks very serious). It doesn’t help that it was really sodding cold and Sienna was running so late. So no, not the greatest premiere and I can’t even vouch for the movie, which is unusual.

Anyhow, I got some decent pics. I hope you like!

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