Nicholas Hoult: Kill Your Friends Apple Store Q&A


Nicholas Hoult (second left) came to the Apple Store in Covent Garden Friday night to chat about his upcoming movie Kill Your Friends, a comedy/crime thriller about the dark side of the music industry.

He was joined by (L-R) screenwriter/novelist John Niven, director Owen Harris and co-stars Ed Skrein and Craig Roberts. Although Nicholas is the bigger star, the conversation was mainly dominated by John as he wrote the novel and the screenplay and has lot of bad words to say about the music industry. He is hilarious though and he swore a lot!


Nicholas is quite shy in that he didn’t volunteer to answer questions, so he mostly sat back and listened to the others talk. But when he did talk, he was really articulate and fun. This session made me like him more than before, and on a totally shallow note, he was much taller and attractive than I expected!

He mentioned how there was a sex scene in the movie that had to be cut because it didn’t work. Basically he is doing all this dirty talk with a lady, but he runs out of ideas and calls her an idiot and it doesn’t go down very well! He also is playing a really horrible guy named Steven who is a total dick and he found himself thinking like Steven during downtime in filming – he recalls judging people in a really nasty way when he spotted them on the tube!

He also chatted to fans and posed for selfies like a total babe. For all the pics, check my thumbnails below.

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