Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer – My thoughts


Today everyone is talking about Star Wars and the latest trailer for The Force Awakens. The marketing people behind these movie have been doing a terrific job – they know how to tease, keep fans excited, hint at potential reveals without actually giving away anything. That’s incredibly hard to do – but they’ve managed it.

Obviously The Force Awakens plot is top secret and they don’t need to tell the entire film (like every trailer seems to do these days) because everyone is going to see it regardless. So the latest trailer is perfect because it wets the appetite – it teases the mythology, Kylo Ren’s motivations, Rey’s backstory, plus plenty of fights and action sequences. 

A lot of people have gone over this – this is what happens when it drops when the UK are asleep! – so I’m going to keep it simple – here’s what I loved and the main questions I have.


  1. The music. It is so simple but it gave me chills and goosebumps. That was all down to the music.
  2. BB-8 is the cutest droid ever. I want one!
  3. Kylo Ren talking to the melted Darth Vader mask promising to “finish what you started”
  4. All presence of lightsabers – particularly the mini-second glimpse of Ren and Finn going head to head
  5. Han Solo telling Finn and Rey the myths of the Jedis is true
  6. Chewie!! And Leia!!
  7. There is so much to take in – I pick up on new things every time I watch it. Some of the snippets are so short, it’s hard to process what you’ve just seen.



  1. Why did Leia looked so worried/sad/bereft?
  2. Why did we only see Luke Skywalker’s metal hand?
  3. What is happening to Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)?
  4. Whose body is Rey crying over?
  5. Where is Domhnall Gleeson? He has been missing from EVERYTHING and he is my fave. Also missing: Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis and C-3PO.
  6. WHAT IS GOING ON GODAMMIT? I don’t actually want to know this right now. I am happy to wait and find out with the movie. But this question covers pretty much every other query I have.


What concerns me when these things drop is that diehard Star Wars pick up on things that I have totally not seen. I am a fan for sure, I like the movies, but I haven’t seen them a million times or anything. So I think I need to watch them again to brush up on my knowledge of characters, relationships and all the battles etc. Just checking out other people’s analyses of the trailer makes me realise I’m so rusty! Shall be corrected ASAP.

Anyway, I love it. I’m super duper 100% psyched. It feels close now. So, so close.

In case you’ve been living in a hole – here is said trailer.

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