Sicario: Film Review


Sicario emerged as one of my ‘films to watch’ following its debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. It had a lot of buzz and everyone has given it a stellar review, so wasn’t I impressed?! I was excited to see Emily Blunt in this ass-kicking agent role, but her performance is only a highlight as the rest of the film is confusing and nowhere near as good as I was hoping it would be.

Emily Blunt is Kate, a FBI agent who has been working on kidnappings near the U.S. border with Mexico. After a mission goes wrong and she loses some of her team, she is enlisted on a special task force headed up by Alejandro (Benicio del Toro) and Matt (Josh Brolin) to track down and kill the head of a cartel by any means necessary. The unethical actions and motives of the team lead Kate to question what is really going on, putting her in the line of fire.


This sounds like it should be so damn intense and scary, but I spent most of my time wondering what was just said, what it meant and what happened. I know these thrillers need an element of mystery so you don’t guess everything straight away but this was ridiculous. It didn’t help that nobody except Blunt seemed to talk clearly. I had no idea what was going on and I probably couldn’t explain it to you fully now. I felt like I was missing a vital piece of information that would have made everything click into place (but my friend also had the same issue, so not just me).

That robbed the film from being thrilling all the way through, although it did hit me in key scenes. The opening sequence was incredible and made me feel very positive about upcoming events while Kate’s almost one-night-stand and the tunnel mission scenes towards the end were amazing because you feel she is in danger and you have no idea what is coming next. There is also a scene at the Mexican border where you could cut the tension with a knife.


The performances were great – especially Blunt who is strong, driven but vulnerable and truly tortured by the morals of her mission. She also (appears to) wear no make-up for the whole movie. Brolin was solid, Del Toro was creepy and scary as hell, but my eyes were firmly on Blunt, who really does prove her acting chops. I also liked Jon Bernthal in a short but pivotal role.

I loved the music and the cinematography is beautiful – it is just a shame I couldn’t follow what was happening to the extent it really ruined my enjoyment of the whole thing. The rest of the elements indicate an awesome movie, which everyone else seems to think it is. I clearly have the unpopular opinion here, so it would be nice to hear from members of the public who share my feelings.

In cinemas 8th October 


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