The Intern London Premiere: Pics & gossip

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

On Sunday night, the stars of The Intern graced the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square and I have all the gossip from the event, which starred Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro & writer/director Nancy Meyers.

Now, just a few days before, I had been to The Martian premiere (coverage here) and that was fun and exciting, so in comparison, this was simply boring. De Niro is known for being grumpy when doing promo so Anne had to carry the premiere on her shoulders, which is tough for one person having to deal with hundreds of people and press and photographers.

Hathaway was sweet, nice and looked gorgeous but she doesn’t have the energy or charisma to make the event fun or interesting to watch. She dutifully did her job, signed for fans and posed for pictures before going in. De Niro did even less than that – he barely dressed for the occasion (he was wearing the same hat he has been wearing for a few days doing junkets), he desperately needed a haircut and his onstage interview was awkward. He gave one-word answers or lame, mumbling replies and looked at presenter Edith Bowman like the question was rubbish, so she clearly let him go earlier than expected. He did summon more enthusiasm for the fans and he ignored the press completely, leaving Hathaway and Meyers to do it alone.

So it wasn’t the best. It was interesting hearing that Anne has auditioned for Meyers’ films twice before (What Women Want and The Holiday) and got lucky on her third try and I liked hearing Nancy talk about the movie. But there was no hype and excitement and I felt sorry for the fans who had been waiting there for hours.

To enlarge pics, click on the thumbnails below.


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